Ask the Stringer: Why isn't my favorite string available in different colors?

Q: I see other people using cool colored strings. Why isn't my favorite string available in different colors?

A: There could be several reasons. The easy explanation is that the manufacturer doesn't think there would be enough demand for multiple colors, so they simply don't offer them.

The more complex explanation is that coloring a string requires using some sort of additive to achieve the desired color. Different colors may require the use of different additives or different processing and each can potentially modify the makeup of the string itself. The possible end result is two strings that should be the same (except for the color) but may "feel" different. The manufacturer may have tried to create a colored version and not gotten acceptable results, or simply decided not to tamper with a successful formula.

Since the color quandary is more or less an issue of feel—which really comes down to personal preference—you'll probably get a bunch of different answers if you ask a bunch of different players. One player will insist that the blue version of a string plays better than the white version. Another player will insist just the opposite, and a third player will feel no difference at all. I've experienced this exact situation in the past and none of the players are wrong, it's just their personal preference!

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