Babolat 2014 Promises Innovative Advances in Racquet & String Technology
Babolat introduces even more innovation with updates to some of their most beloved products and the introduction of new and advanced technology. Babolat Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager Monte Long stopped by Holabird Sports with a Babolat Team Line 12 Pack bag full of racquets, grips, string and more to show us some of the gear.

Monte pulled out the Babolat Pure Control Storm tennis racquet, which features Flex Carbon material to offer players more control at ball impact. It was developed with less density of carbon fibers for more flexibility and a softer feel. The Drive Lite "tweener" racquet (which comes in two different colors) has the Cortex Dampening System and is available at a super affordable "in between" price.

In the world of strings, Babolat carries an excellent alternative to natural gut, and it comes at a lower price. Babolat Origin string is a monofilament and plays with the closest feel to natural gut. It's also more durable and holds tension better than natural gut. Origin is actually created from a natural plant extract instead of the petroleum of natural gut. Additionally, RPM Team will now also come in pink to complement the pink Drive Lite. And its official, Babolat Spiral Tech will replace N.VY string, built with a synthetic gut gel coating that makes it more durable than N.VY.

Rounding out the innovation is Pro Team SP grip; a silk-infused grip perfect for players who experience high perspiration.

Available soon at Holabird Sports. In the meantime, check out Babolat tennis racquets and Babolat tennis string.