Best Running Gloves + Smart Phone Touch Technology
The weather is changing quickly. This morning I was downright cold on my run. The trick to staying warm is keeping your extremities covered, that means hats and gloves. Let's take a look at some of the best running gloves available this year.

Smart Phone Touch Technology

I hate having to take my gloves off to mess with my iPhone 5 or any smart phone. These gloves have touch technology, so you never have to remove your gloves. About two years ago I was given a pair of so-called touch gloves. One finger had touch capability but the touch didn't work that well, I had to kind of mash that one finger around my phone to make anything happen. This year's batch of gloves are different and so much better.

The 180s Foundation Gloves use ALLTouch™ technology in every finger. The touch tech really works, giving you detailed control over your iPhone, smart phone, iPod, tablet... whatever. Plus, these gloves are warm. They have a lightweight inner liner to add warmth and they're built with QuantumHeat technology, which actually turns moisture into warmth. These 180s Foundation gloves are cuffed to keep cold air out and they are made with stretch fleece which provides more agility and less bulk. They come in black and red, men's and women's.

180s Performer Gloves have the same sleek stretch fleece, the same comfort cuff, the lightweight liner and the ALLTouch™ technology in every finger. However, they don't have the QuantumHeat technology. They're about $5 less than the 180s Foundation Gloves. In my opinion, the QuantumHeat is worth the $5 but my hands do get extremely cold. These are available in black in both men's and women's.

The Brooks Vapor Dry Gloves 2 are wind and water resistant (which is a huge plus in the snow). These have a Tap Tech pad on the index finger for you to easily operate your smart phone.

The ASICS Lite-Show gloves are wind-resistant and also have great touch-screen fingertips that work well. What really makes these gloves stand out is the Lite-Show technology. It's a reflective print to help keep you safe when running in the dark. These gloves are extremely comfortable. The ribbed cuffs not only keep the cold out but they keep the gloves in place.

Extreme Weather

Under Armour's Extreme ColdGear® Gloves are for the freezing, nasty days. They're made with wind resistant and rain resistant fabrics. They also have a Durable Water Repellent finish for the life of the gloves. Reflective piping is perfect for some additional safety (although, not as much as the Lite Show). I love the hidden key pocket in these gloves. It's those details that really make UA products stand out. No doubt about it, these gloves will keep you warm.


If you prefer mittens you might want to check out the Sugoi Wind Mitts. The thumb is covered in a nice soft fabric so you can wipe the sweat from your brow. Each mitten has a nice little envelope pocket for storage and silicone on the palm for a better grip.