Demo Proves the Wilson Steam 99S Adds More Spin
Holabird Sports teamed up with Wilson to add a new spin to the Tennis Institute's Summer Camp at Bare Hills Racquet and Fitness Club in Baltimore, Md.

Wilson greeted the campers, aged 6 - 18, with Wilson Steam 99S rackets, which employ Spin Effect Technology to impart superior spin on all shots. Likewise, Holabird Sports provided rackets so that the kids could compare the Steam racket to various others that were strung to the exact same specifications.

But this was more than an average demo. Joel Conybear and Cy Dofitas--both Wilson employees--set up a device called the TrackMan, which recorded such stats as ball speed, topspin RPMs, shot height, shot depth, and more.

The result? "We recorded some exciting numbers which show that the Steam racket does, indeed, add more speed and topspin to the campers' shots," said Conybear. "More importantly, though, it's great to see the excitement on the kids' faces as they demo the rackets and look at the numbers."

Check out our video to see more of the Steam rackets and our visit to the The Tennis Institute's summer camp.

[youtube id="185FqzD1ABM" width="620" height="360"]

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