Diadora may be best known for their high-tech soccer (or football, depending on where you are) shoes, but their newest line of tennis shoes may change that.

Diadora S Star Tennis Shoes

In the 1970s, Diadora worked with tennis champions Bjorn Borg, Guillermo Vilas, and Martin Mulligan to bring technological advancement to their renowned Italian artisan techniques. Diadora still makes many of its products in Italy, and while they are still committed to using the artistry that made them famous, they have taken their technology to a whole new level.


Here are just a few of the newest and most innovative Diadora technologies:

  • CCB. A medial stabilizer created to control torsional stability of the area of the arch support, giving the shoe lightness and stability without altering shock absorption.
  • DURATECH 5000. A special wear-resistant rubber compound assuring a far higher wear resistance than standard rubber, offering an effective solution to shoe heel wear.
  • AXELER W5 EVOLUTION. Axeler Heel Propulsion is made from Pebax, a highly elastic memory material. Thanks to a specially contoured insert the Axeler Heel Propulsion ensures maximum shock absorption during impact with the ground. It gives greater elasticity during thrust phase while reducing foot torsion in the arch area and ensuring perfect stability for the whole foot.
  • DOUBLE ACTION2 PLUS. Diadora’s exclusive shock-absorbing system eliminating negative vibrations in the heel area.
  • KANGAROO LEATHER. Kangaroo leather ensures waterproof softness, comfort, and sensitivity while kicking.

What our customers are saying: "When it comes to stopping on a dime and changing direction real quick, you won't feel any resistance like with the Barricade." --Sean

Holabird Sports is the only U.S. retailer with the 2013 Diadora tennis shoes.


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Diadora S Pro Tennis Shoes