Dunlop Helps You Find Your Very Best Tennis Ball - Video
There are tons of tennis balls in the world. There are tournament balls, championship balls and practice (academy) tennis balls.

So how do you know which tennis ball you should use?

Dunlop Representative Tom Holmes discusses the differences between various Dunlop tennis balls and which players they serve best. Do you need an all-surface ball or a hard court ball? Tom explains the differences in these tennis balls so you can learn not only which ball you should use, but what makes them different. Are you playing in the Mile High City? Learn about Dunlop's high altitude tennis ball. Suffer from arm issues? Discover which Dunlop tennis ball produces 18% less shock.

In addition to everything above, Tom discusses each of these Dunlop tennis balls:

  • Dunlop Wimbledon Slazenger Ball

  • Dunlop A-Player Ball

  • Dunlop Grand Prix Ball

  • Dunlop Championship Ball

  • Dunlop Academy Ball

Watch this video to learn much, much more about Dunlop tennis balls:

[youtube id="wyppQA0rGZ0" width="620" height="360"]

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