ESPN's Best Athletes of Past 20 Years
ESPN released their list of the "Top 20 athletes in the last 20 years." Only two tennis players made the list: Roger Federer came in at no. 5 and Serena Williams at no. 6.

Serena, the current no. 1 in women's tennis, has won 23 out of her last 25 matches against other top ten players. Serena has won 11 of her final matches… out of 11 matches. In fact, in the last 28 finals she has played in, she has won 26. Serena has 19 Grand Slam singles titles and has won every Grand Slam at least twice. She also has 13 women's doubles titles and 2 mixed doubles titles. If that wasn't enough, she has 1 Olympic gold medal in singles tennis and 3 gold medals in doubles tennis.

Roger Federer has won 17 grand slam singles titles and won a Gold Medal in men's doubles and a Silver Medal in men's singles. Currently at no. 2 in the world, Federer did spend a whopping 302 weeks at the top of the ATP rankings, more than any other male player.

While these two are amazing athletes, there were still four people ahead of them:

  • Tom Brady at no. 4

  • Tiger Woods at no. 3

  • LeBron James at no. 2

  • Michael Jordan at no. 1

What do you think? Should more tennis players be on the list?