Hoka One One Tor Summit Hiking Shoes
The weather is finally getting cooler! It's that perfect temperature where you can comfortably wear jeans and a tee shirt day and night. And, more importantly, it's also the perfect weather to go hiking.

In the past year, running shoe company Hoka One One has seen their popularity increase dramatically. Hoka One One first made a name for themselves with their big, maximum cushioned soles. Runners found that they loved the extra cushioning and rocker geometry.

Now, Hoka has taken their knowledge of what makes a great running shoe and applied it to hiking shoes. The Tor Summit line of shoes have the same Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry that helps guide your foot through the gait cycle, while the technical midfoot geometry helps keep your foot stable, making these hiking shoes perfect for uneven terrain. The outsole boasts 5mm lugs for amazing traction and durability.

Comfort, stability, and durability are what we've come to expect in the Hoka running shoes. It's also what we've been pleasantly surprised to find in the Hoka hiking shoes. If you love your Hoka's for running, you will definitely love them for hiking.

The Hoka One One Tor Summit hiking shoes come in regular, Mid and Ultra Hi for women and in men's regular, men's Mid and men's Ultra Hi.