How to Pig Out this Holiday, But Still Stick to Your Nutrition Plan
When we're going home for a holiday, whether it's to our parent's house or any other relative, the idea, or what was the idea when we were younger, was to starve ourselves that morning so we'd be ravenous and eat ALL THE FOODS when early dinner came around.

We wanted to have enough room in our stomachs for one go of every dish, still have room for seconds and then pass out on the couch by 4pm.

But now, knowing better than to stuff 14 croissants into our mouths before greeting Aunt Laura and having gained knowledge of nutritional dos and don'ts on our mission to better our mind and body, we're ending this age old custom.

Having learned that our bodies appreciate it when we treat them well (I.E.– feed them nutrients and exercise), we sometimes find it hard to really enjoy the holidays, constantly surrounded by creamy-this and fried-that.

The family peer pressure also most always has us reaching for Grandma's homemade "insert delectable, sugary dessert name here."

So how is it possible to enjoy all the things you want without totally abandoning your dietary regimen?

  1. Drink Water Beforehand 

This is the number one save-all during holiday season, and any event, really.

Not only will you eat less because you're full of water, but you'll be doing yourself some greatness!

With women needing 2.7 liters and men needing 3.7 liters of water per day, why not get a liter over with before even entering the family circle?

This ensures that you're more conscious about what you're putting in your body– eating dishes that really speak to your hungry soul, not just stuffing everything you see in front of you into your belly. Choose the stuff you're most excited about!

2. Remember to Balance

I want to pig out this holiday like the rest of ya, so I like to remember that I can eat a lot because I move a lot. Eat. Move. Eat. Move. Or move. move. Eat. Eat. As long as you're balancing, you're fine. Like everyone says, one day isn't going to break you.

Make sure you make time for helping out your family. Maybe cut some logs for the fire. Take your cousins on a sledding trip. Play outside. Go to the gym early in the day.

Treat holidays like mini vacations. Instead of being at work all day, guess what you get to do: Do something you never get to at 12pm... a yoga class! Or a HIIT workout on Youtube! Or run! Or play outside!

3. Eat Protein 

Smell the turkey? Is their roast "beast?"

When it comes to the holidays, we're usually most excited about the meat, and even if you're vegan or vegetarian, you're probably most excited about the protein dishes (ok, maybe it's the desserts). Whatever your go-to is, try and maximize the protein on your plate.

Protein helps us maintain our weight, because it's associated with greater satiety. We feel satisfied when we eat protein. Yay! No more eating caramel sweet potatoes and craving more and more and more of them. Have your fork and knife handy.

There ya have it, though. Don't get too hung up on eating too much. Don't even worry about it. Just prepare your body for the event, and let yourself have this mini vacation.

It's your holiday after all. These were just some tips to switch your "oh man... what have I done," to "that was delicious. I feel good. I AM GREAT. HAPPY BELLY. HAPPY LIFE."

And happy holidays!