How to Start Your Own Running Concierge Business
A running concierge could also be called a running tour operator. Basically, you take visitors on guided runs.

The type of people who make great concierge runners are outgoing, they talk easily to strangers, and they love to run. You should take the time to find out as much about your city as possible, to find the fun facts, the little trivia, all of the things that make your city unique.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Running Concierge

1. You need a name. This can be anything, it can say what you do “Cara’s Running Concierge” or it can be more abstract “Run Don’t Walk”. Today we’re going to start “Charm City Run Tours”—this lets people know what we do and where we are (as long as people know that Baltimore is called Charm City, even if they don’t know if can still work as a name).

2. Form a company. It’s a good idea to keep your business and personal things separate. It offers you more protection. In Maryland, once you are a business, it costs $300 a year in personal property taxes. We are now Charm City Run Tours, LLC.

3. Get a logo. A logo is important for branding. Your logo will be on any printed materials you create, t-shirts, your website, make sure that it’s something you really like because you are going to work hard to build up your brand recognition and you don’t want to do all of that just to change it a few months later.

4. Printed materials. Make business cards and postcards or flyers which explain your services. You will also need a website. Making a website isn't too difficult; you can use a Wordpress template and make a quick site that gets your basic information across. Make sure you include a bit about you, your company, services you offer, your rates and contact information.

5. Make t-shirts. This may feel like an extra expense but it is also free advertising. You can include these with your fee and then every time someone wears one, they are advertising for you.

6. Plan a few runs of varying lengths that go past interesting parts of your city. For example, Charm City Run Tours offers a Fells Point Ghost Run, Harbor Fleet Feet Run, the Historical Mount Vernon Run and The Wire Run.

7. Hotels. Go to every hotel in your city and offer your services. Explain that you are professional running concierge. You will take their guests out on runs, show them your information. It may be extremely beneficial to make partnerships with hotels, you may have to pay them a percent but the steady flow of customers could guarantee that you’re working every day, not just once in a while.

8. Conventions and conferences. Target conventions and conferences that are coming to town, ask if the organizers will pass out your flyers in their welcome packages. You never know what people might be willing to do for you if you don’t ask. Again, you may have to pay convention operators

9. Merchandise. See if you can team up with a local store who may offer you and your runners discounts on all sorts of merchandise.

10. Find Friends. Team up with other tour operators who do different types of tours.

TIP: Get insurance. You don’t want someone tripping over a pothole and suing you for everything you’ve got.