Moji 360 Review: Best Handheld Personal Massager Available
For those with an active lifestyle, sore muscles can become a constant problem, and finding the right massage for sore muscles can be a real pain. Often, it is more effective to go to a masseuse, although the expense of a daily or even weekly professional massage is prohibitively high for the average budget. Luckily, new advancements in massaging design bring handheld massagers closer and closer to the real thing, allowing athlete’s greater freedom from sore muscles. The Moji 360 Massager is a major improvement on traditional handheld massage designs, allowing a great deal of customization for any kind of muscular distress.

The Moji 360 Massager features ten steel rollers of varying sizes designed to ergonomically target any muscles. The curved handle allows wide spread and even pressure to be coupled with precision focus for your back, legs, and arms. The amount of pressure is entirely in your hands, allowing not only a massage for sore muscles but a simple relaxation tool as well.

The Moji 360 Massager’s ball bearings are an improvement on old stick designs, as they can roll in any direction. This allows a greater variety of uses for runners, lifters and other exercise enthusiasts to adjust their massages to the particular demands of their individual workouts. You can use the full length of the omni-directional balls to relax large areas of the body, or single bearings for powerful intensity on the roughest muscles and scar tissue.

The granularity of the massager’s features is one of its greatest features, but the high quality of its construction ensures a durable product which will last years. For the price of a single professional massage, The Moji will allow its owners the comfort of pain relief every night.

A smaller version of the Moji 360 is available in a complete kit or as a standalone model. This version which nestles itself in your palm contains seven steal balls. Its small package makes it a great product to bring along to the gym, as a quick roll-over directly after a workout can do wonders in preventing soreness later on.

All in all, the Moji 360 is a great solution to the problem presented to those with an active lifestyle, allowing the rewards of healthy living without the distress (and expense) of other pain-relieving methods.

Try a Moji massager and see how easy it is to roll the pain away.