ON Cloudracer Running Shoe Review
I had already familiarized myself with On by trying the Cloudsurfers, On's lightweight trainer model. So, the feel of the Cloudracers wasn't so foreign. I took these for a spin on several 4-mile progression runs to see how they would handle a faster pace.

Feel of the Shoe

What I liked most about the Cloudracers was the upper. It was very flexible and gave me the freedom that I prefer on race day or for workouts. Not to mention the translucent material coupled with the orange and grey made for a sleek look. The shoe fits to size, so don't fret about sizing up or down.

The performance of the shoe was similar to that of the Cloudsurfer: very flexible yet still very responsive. The clouds on the sole were toned down for the sake of removing weight from the shoe, but they still gave me some "pop." I felt them giving me more push than I was used to in a racing shoe at first. That sensation quickly normalized upon getting into a rhythm on my run. The Cloudracers have a great "nothing there" feel and, with a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, they transition you smoothly from heel-to-toe.

On has built a very, very low-key protrusion into the sockliner in order to foster a healthy toe splay--the spreading of the toes when the foot makes contact with the ground. It took me by surprise at first, but by no means was it a dealbreaker. So, if you feel this when you try on the Cloudracers, it's not a defect. Likewise, I was pleased with extra roominess in the toe box. Since many racing shoes can hug my foot too tight, I found this comfortable.

Though I was a bit spoiled with how responsive the Cloudsurfers were, I was still pleased with the responsiveness that the Cloudracers offer. I could see this being a fantastic option for everything from tempo runs to marathons. On asserts that the shoe will serve you will for 4-5 marathons.

My only concern about the Cloudracer is the weight, particularly when it comes to racing shorter distances. I weighed a men's size 9 at 8.5 ounces, which is heavier than many racing flats. For that reason, the Cloudracer wouldn't be my first choice for a shorter road race, like a 5k or 10k. On the other hand, it is a great fit for triathlons as it is light enough for optimum performance and the ventilated, translucent upper drains water very well.

The good news is that you can wear this shoe for virtually all types of training sessions. On says that the shoes will comfortably last 250 - 300 training miles. For that reason, the Cloudracer is a good fit for any runner looking for a lighter shoe for workouts, races, and even recovery and long runs.

The Bottom Line

I have logged 50+ miles in the Cloudracers, and haven't experienced any issues with pain or soreness. They have a great, low-to-the-ground feel and have enough durability to last you through everyday training. The Cloudracers will serve you well for tempo runs, track workouts, and races--especially for the half-marathon and marathon distances. My only caveat is to be careful with how much mileage you put into such a light shoe.

Category: Performance Shoe/Racing Flat
Recommended for: Any runner looking for a lighter performance shoe
Heel-to-toe offset: 5mm

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