Perfect Work Shoes
Many of us spend all day on our feet. Workers in retail, food service, hairdressers, health care, teachers and mail carriers all spend at least eight hours (if not more) on their feet every day. 3M did a study that found that nearly, "4 in 5 American workers with prolonged standing jobs report their legs or feet feel tired, achy or swollen after work." In fact, that study found that many people whose jobs require prolonged standing spend less time exercising, socializing with friends, playing with their kids and doing things around the house. No one enjoys achy, tired legs and feet, but add on the negative impact it has to your life in general, and it's obviously a serious problem. Unfortunately, it's also one that tends to continually worsen.

Many of us know how hard it can be to find a job. Even if your feet hurt day in and day out, you may not have a choice, or you may love your job and choose to stick with it, despite the pain. However, there are things you can control and if you have a job that requires prolonged standing or walking, it is crucial that you have the right shoes. It can be hard to find high-quality, comfortable, supportive shoes that aren't either incredibly ugly, incredibly expensive or are missing something that either your employer requires or that you desire. For example, the food service industry often requires non-slip soles, steel toes and (occasionally) dark colors.

The new New Balance 627 Steel Toe sneakers are, without a doubt, some of the best shoes for an eight+ hour shift on your feet. The tempered steel-toe cap provides protection for your toes while the static dissipation surrounds your feet to shield you from static electricity. (The steel toe meets ASTM F 2412-11, ASTM F 2413-11, 1/75 and C/75 impact and compression safety standards.) The ABZORB blend in the midsole (IMEVA midsole and EVA foam footbed ) provides the optimal blend of cushioning and compression – to keep your feet comfortable for hours. The outsole is rugged and durable while the slip-resistant properties excel in dry and wet conditions and test above average in oily or soapy conditions. The sole is also non-marking.

You may not be able to change your job but you can change your shoes and protect your feet, and your future.

The New Balance 627 comes in black, grey and brown.