Running Shoe Preview: Mizuno Wave Rider 18
Mizuno is taking its flagship neutral-cushioned shoe and going back to the basics. The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is the newest addition to the Wave Rider series and will officially hit the shelves this October (though we might have it early!).

"We received a lot of awesome feedback about the Wave Rider 17," said Mizuno Territory Manager Dave Patterson. "There were also some things that runners wanted to see improve."

Many Mizuno loyalists commented on the fit of the Wave Rider 17 and expressed their preference of past models. Mizuno responded by creating cosmetics and a fit in the newest model that are strikingly similar to the Wave Rider 16.

But what, exactly, has Mizuno done to create an appearance and feel so similar to the 16?

• Two-piece construction with a stitched-on Mizuno logo (the "Runbird")
• A more traditional mesh pattern to allow for a more open and breathable toe box
• A "locked down" feel for a snug fit around the arch

But, that’s not to say that last year's edition did not have some groundbreaking improvements. There are plenty of features that will be carried over to make the Wave Rider 18 a winning package:

• U4ic (pronounced euphoric) midsole allows for more cushioning and reduced weight.
• A lightweight feel—making it one of the lightest neutral, daily trainers on the market
• 12mm heel-to-toe drop

However, with each update a shoe receives comes a few, minor tweaks to make the shoe unique. For the Wave Rider 18, Mizuno has improved the materials in the Wave Plate for a smoother heel-to-toe transition. Likewise, they have deepened the flex grooves in the forefoot and have added more outsole rubber to soften the blow upon landing, improve durability, and offer a plush feel.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is available for preorder at Holabird Sports. It is offered in three color ways for men and three color ways for women.
Mizuno Wave Rider 18

  • Category: Neutral

  • Weight: Men's: 9.2 ounces & Women's: 7.8 ounces

  • Heel-to-toe offset: 12mm

  • Recommended for: Runners with a neutral gait, with medium to high arches

Check out Mizuno Wave Rider 18 for men and the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 for women.