Safety Tips for Staying Visible while Running Alongside Traffic
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Making Sure You are Visible While Running

If you enjoy running, you need to make sure you are visible. Staying visible is one of the most important keys to staying safe while going for your run or jog; regardless of whether you run through busy cities or more secluded communities, you have to ensure you stand out.

To make sure you stay safe, you must take action so you will be much more easily noticed by drivers. If a driver doesn't see you, your chances of being hit by a motor vehicle significantly increase, so we have to taking safety precautions before hitting the road to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident. Luckily, though, there are several things you can do to stay visible when running...

Tips for Improving Your Visibility While Running

Wear Fluorescent Colors: You should wear fluorescent clothing so you will stand out. By wearing a vest, jacket, or shirt that is orange, lime green, neon yellow, or hot pink you won't blend in with your surroundings. Adding a brightly colored helmet will also help you stand out. If you wear blue, black, brown, or white, you are going to just blend in with the surroundings and not be noticed.

Nighttime Visibility: You have to take extra precautions after dark. Wear a safety vest accented with reflective piping or add some reflective tape to your clothing on the back, the chest, the shoes, and the legs. Adding a flashing LED light to your clothing can also help significantly because flashing lights are much more likely to get attention.

Run in Areas That Are Well-Lit: Lighting can help you see where you are going, but it can also help you be seen. This might affect your routing, as your favorite daytime route might be a little less viable during the night if it’s sparsely lit, or even entirely unlit.

Find a Running Buddy: Two can be better than one. If you have someone running with you and dressed in bright clothing, you are going to be noticed much more quickly. After all, one person is small and can escape the driver's visibility, but two runners are going to get much more attention.

Adhere to Traffic Laws: If you are running around cars and acting unpredictably, you are much more likely to be involved in an accident. You want drivers to see you and to know what your intentions are and where you are planning to move. Don't zip past stop signs or ignore traffic lights.

Run in a Prominent Location: When it is permitted, run on the sidewalk. This puts more distance between you and the vehicles. It also helps you be much more noticeable to drivers. If you are running on the road, you should run facing traffic so you can see the vehicles as they approach you.

While some of these tips may be a slight inconvenience, they’re definitely worth integrating into your running routine just for the safety benefits. Whether you’re getting your early morning run or going for that post-work jog, you can always make sure that you’re seen using these tips.