See What's in Our First-Ever Holabox!
Do you love to try new things at a discount? Our first ever Holabox is the perfect way to do it. This box has a retail value of $32 but - today only - it's only $25 + free shipping!

In our very first box you will receive a handpicked selection of our bestselling nutrition products. This is the perfect way to try a wide variety of these fantastic nutrition and energy supplements.

 What's in this Holabox?

Huma Gel  - Huma Chia Energy GEL is the ultimate choice for 100% natural energy. The ground chia seeds control carb absorption for steady energy release and contain all 9 essential amino acides; plus, they're vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free, taste great and are only 100 calories. Each Holabox contains 1 pack of each flavor (4 packs total). The Huma Gel flavors are:

  • Apples & cinnamon

  • Blueberries

  • Mango

  • Strawberries

VFuel – The VFuel Energy Gel provide incredible endurance and are easily digestible. They use caffeine as a digestive aid instead of as a stimulant to help with intestinal glucose absorption. MCT Oil goes straight to the liver for quick energy, Sodium Citrate helps regulate PH and acidity buildup to assist in warding off fatigue, Citruline Malate increases blood circulation, Taurine increases energy in the muscles and Glucuronolactone provides higher energy for long periods of time. Each packet is 100 calories and tastes great.  Each Holabox contains 1 pack of each flavor (5 packs total). The VFuel flavors are:

  • Cool citrus

  • Maple bacon

  • Fudge brownie

  • Vanilla

  • Peach cobbler

PROBAR Chews – The yummy PROBAR Bolt Energy chews are packed full of B vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and complex carbs for a quick-acting fuel source that lasts. Four to five chews are only 90 calories, gluten free, dairy free and organic. These little superfruit chews are so tasty you'll be surprised they're so good for you! Each Holabox contains 1 pack of each flavor (4 packs total). The PROBAR Chews flavors are:

  • Berry blast (with caffeine)

  • Raspberry (with caffeine)

  • Orange

  • Strawberry

Gen UCAN – Not only do the Generation UCAN Sports Drinks provide consistent energy, they also stabilize your blood sugar and minimize insulin release to help with weight loss. Each Holabox contains 1 packet of Gen UCAN sport drink in Lemonade flavor.

Honey StingerHoney Stinger waffles are some of the best tasting nutritional energy supplements we have ever tasted. Their great taste make them a favorite with adults and kids and are perfect to take on a run or bike ride or just to have as a healthy snack. They are easily digestible for a quick energy boost and certified organic. Each Holabox contains 1 Honey Stinger waffle in gingersnap flavor.

This Holabox is available today only! Hurry and get yours while you can!