Socks That Keep Your Feet Cool in the Summer and Combat Blisters!

The following blog was published on the Balega blog and has been modified.

Welcome the Balega Blister Resist line!

Like a good fudgesicle, a pair of Blister Resist are a life saver on a blistering hot summer day. They boast an ideal blend of technology and nature to keep your feet pristine and smell-free, no matter how much you sweat or dump water over your head to stay cool.

Balega's special blend of Drynamix and South African mohair keep your feet cool and dry and, as you might have guessed by the name, blister-free. Drynamix air conditioning fabric wicks moisture away from your feet while enabling airflow. And the mohair? Yeah, yeah, everyone knows that if you want to stay warm during winter you should wear wool. Wool possesses superior insulation, a benefit humans have capitalized on since nomadic times. But a lesser known fact is that those same heat regulatory properties work both ways. Wool including mohair holds moisture. As your body heats up and sweats, the sweat is stored in the wool before evaporating, helping to cool you down and keep your socks breathable.

And an added bonus: wool has antimicrobial properties, so your socks won’t stink, even if you have to re-wear them a few times before washing (we plead the fifth!). In addition to providing the optimal environment for your feet, Blister Resist are made with our signature hand-linked seamless toe. (Translation: no blisters, anywhere! Including toe tips.) And a specially constructed mesh ventilation system augments keeping your feet cool and dry.