I asked our intern, Katie, "what is a question you have as a new runner?" Having been a swimmer all of her life and in college the last four years, she hadn't been much for running, constantly in the pool and well, 'studying' (only kidding, Katie).

Now that she's graduated and into the career world, she hopes to get active again in other ways, and running is one of those ways. But where to begin!

The title of this blog is where her mind started.

"Should I stretch or foam roll before I run?" 

Excellent question, Katie! You get a gold star! (she really just got a high-five from across the room). But she poses a great question for new runners, because that would be one of the first steps before going out on a run. We have to know what we should do beforehand!

So do we stretch or foam roll before running?

The answer is: No. But also yes. Exercise science expert , Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University Montgomery says that...
"static stretching is not the optimal way to warm-up before you run."
You could actually strain your muscles that way! And it might even slow you down. "Start out by walking and trotting: swing your arms; shrug your shoulders and slowly elevate your heart rate for about 10 minutes before you pick up your pace." Do dynamic stretches; You want to focus on getting oxygen to your muscles and warm them up literally.

What about after our run?

YES! Olson recommends stretching after your run when your muscles are very warm and full of oxygen and nutrients; static stretching is very much invited then, focusing on your leg, hip, and low-back muscles. Or try foam rolling after your run. Find theperfect foam roller for youand let the rolling be your post-run massage. Check out the Trigger Point GRID Vibe is a vibrating foam roller sounds like something you'd fancy. And check out our blog on the GRID Vibe HERE!