GRID Vibe: Vibrating Foam Roller Reduces Pain, Stretches, Benefits

If you've never foam rolled before, then the added layer of vibration from the Trigger Point GRID Vibe is probably even more intimidating!

Or, conversely, maybe it seems more attainable for you?

Regardless, you've probably seen people foam rolling wince and "ouch," in the gym, and it doesn't seem like the most pleasant way to get a myofascial release. But like life, we must find comfort in the uncomfortable. Foam rolling is great for us! It is a form of self-massage, that gets rid of adhesions in your muscles and connective tissue. It also increases blood flow to your muscles and creates better mobility, helping with recovery and improving performance.

The vibrations of GRID VIBE provide different information for the nervous system to process. When the body is sensing pain and vibration is introduced, the sensation of pain decreases – the nervous system is essentially confused by multiple inputs of information. And its multi-density surface channels blood and oxygen to the muscle during rolling.

I'm sold- take me to the grid vibe

Prior research supports that frequencies of vibration between 20-50 Hz yield the most benefit to the muscular system, but the Trigger Point's GRID Vibe vibrates at 33 Hz to induce changes to both the muscular system and the nervous system, to make foam rolling an even better experience than before. It's perfect for personal rehab and at home therapy and you can use the GRID Vibe anywhere you are and on any part of the body, too! It is recommended that you use a movement assessment to guide the areas that you roll so that the relaxation will improve performance by improving specific joint motion and length-tension relationships. The guide comes with your foam roller, so it'll always be there for you when you need to reference. This smaller sized roller is ultra-portable and offers a cordless, rechargeable battery that lasts for up to two hours.

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