Solinco Barb Wire Tennis String Review
With over 30 years of extensive technical experience, Solinco is fully committed and focused on continuing to lead the industry in break-through technologies and the development of high-performance products. Their Barb Wire tennis string is no exception. The newly developed, ultra-performance co-polyester string is designed and shaped to generate maximum spin and bite potential, while providing for superior all-around playability. This makes the Barb Wire a must have for the player looking for added spin and great playability.

My experience with this string was overall positive. I recently crossed over to polys from multifilament synthetic strings to complement my hard-hitting topspin playing style and try to decrease string breakage. This is the first Solinco poly that I have tested and I was quite impressed by how much it improved my game.

I strung the Barb Wire in my Aero Pro Drive tennis racquet at 52 pounds tension using Pojie String Extenders. In terms of playability, Solinco Barb Wire does feel very nice. I felt more feedback and bite than the Babolat Addiction that I used before. Spin is mostly generated by technique and not primarily string, but I did notice a lot more control and added spin with shots landing on or near the baseline more frequently.

With it being a polyester string, I thought I would get a lot more playing time and durability out of the string than just six sessions. The string broke while returning a serve, but other factors may have affected the breakage including tension and the elongated sweet spot with Pojie or the open string pattern of the Aero Pro Drive.

Overall my experience with the Barb Wire was positive. For the price point and the added spin you get with this sleek looking poly string, I would give it a four out of five stars only because the durability was not as strong as I thought it would be. It will be tough to find a string with more spin and bite than Barb Wire on the market right now. I would recommend this to a player that wants to add spin and excellent playability to their game.

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