Swiftwick Compression Socks: Nobel Prize Winning Fiber Offers Perfect Moisture Wicking & Fit
Swiftwick Socks are truly a unique brand as they really seem to have considered everything when it comes to your compression needs. They offer accommodating sizes, lengths and incredible softness. Our Tech Rep Nick Rivere said the socks are going to "fit like a glove, but it’s not going to squeeze."

Based out of Tennessee, USA, Nick said "even the machines they use are made in the United States." They're made with Olefin fibers which act as little straws as they wick moisture away from your feet. It's the only Nobel Prize winning fiber, retaining less than .01% of its weight in moisture and resists deterioration from perspiration and detergents. Now available at Holabird Sports are three versions in their current line: the Pulse, Aspire and Vibe.

Swiftwick uses a pretty simple number system to help you choose which length of socks you want for any particular athletic activity. For example, Zero socks sit below the ankle and One socks are one inch above the ankle. So the higher the number, the higher the sock all the way up to Twelve which sits over the calf. You'll notice on the higher socks that Swiftwick keeps their logos low near your foot as the extra knitting from the logos may create pressure points on your leg.

Nick noted in our meeting that when it comes to compression, "you have to be consistent." So both the Aspire and Vibe socks are made with a 200 needle knit; the highest density you'll find in socks. The Pulse sock, one of the thinner and lighter socks in the line, has a 160 needle count. Swiftwick uses gradual compression, meaning the compression you feel in the socks decreases up the leg to help increase blood flow and reduce the buildup of lactic acid. The Aspire delivers the highest in compression. Next is the Vibe with slightly less compression but higher cushion. The Pulse is even less compression and thinner with the addition of an ankle compression zone that keeps it in place. Plus in all of the socks, no seams equal no blisters.

The socks also feature an active antimicrobial bonding process that delivers natural anti-odor and anti-fungal benefits so that, while Swiftwick doesn't recommend it, you could wear your socks continuously for a week and they won't smell.

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