WATCH: Polar M400 GPS Watch Overview
The Polar M400 GPS Watch combines full GPS capabilities, activity tracking, and sleep monitoring all in one, neat package. This watch is a unique combination of a integrated GPS watch and the Polar Loop, which allows for 24/7 activity tracking and data on your sleep patterns.

Using Bluetooth Smart technology, the M400 will sync wirelessly with the Polar Flow app—the home of all the data and apps that you wish to use. Likewise, the watch uses Bluetooth Smart to read and convey heart rate to the user.

With tons of cool features built into the Polar M400 and the Polar Flow app, be sure to watch the video to learn more!

The Polar M400 GPS Watch is available both with a heart rate strap and without a heart rate strap.

[youtube id="khHHYEn0tQE" width="620" height="360"]