What a Blast: Under Armour Speedform Apollo Review
As I took my brisk walk through the I.D. checkpoint at the U.S. Naval Academy, I had no idea that I'd wind up feeling just as energized after my run as before.

I have to be honest, over the last few years, I have not been impressed with the selection of running shoes provided by very own hometown's company, but today, Under Armour blew me out of the water with it's latest installation, the Speedform Apollo.

Within the first few seconds of wearing the Apollo, I recognized something specific about my feet in respect to the shoe. My toes spread out and felt as if I were walking barefoot. The lightweight structure of the shoe was evident, but the space I had to let my feet rest naturally was incredibly comfortable.

Even so, I was still skeptical about how the Apollo would hold up on my forty minute run. A few months ago, after trying the much-anticipated predecessor, the Under Armour Speedform, I was not impressed with the shoe’s performance on my test run. This time around, the Apollo literally wowed me.

The Apollo lives up to the premise, it makes you feel fast. These shoes made me want to go fast. When I hit the road, I immediately felt uninhibited and light on my feet. I hit the track and my strides were seamless. As a 5 foot 2 muscular runner and CrossFitter, feeling light is exactly what I’m striving for when plowing through my miles on the road.

The Speedform Apollo provides a sleek silhouette and a flexible feel unlike many other minimal racers. Not only would the Apollo be an excellent choice for race day, it would even shine on the track and road for a five-mile tempo.

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