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Bumbleride is top of the line when it comes to jogging strollers. And we've got the right Bumbleride strollers to match your needs. or a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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    Bumbleride Indie/Speed Non-PVC Rain Cover
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          Bumbleride Indie 2022 All Terrain Stroller DuskBumbleride Indie 2022 All Terrain Stroller Dusk

          Bumbleride is top of the line when it comes to jogging strollers. And we've got the right Bumbleride strollers to match your needs. or a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

          Bumbleride Indie Stroller

          Bumbleride strollers are not only known for being highly functional but also very stylish. And the Indie has become a bit of a cult favorite. The Bumbleride Indie is a upmarket stroller with excellent maneuverability and tons of convenient features.

          The Indie is great at steering through crowded sidewalks, large groups of people, and busy stores. And the handlebar is adjustable so no matter how tall you are, you’ll be covered. It’s got air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension, which give a smooth ride even over rocky paths, grass, or other off-road areas. And it’s got plenty of storage area underneath for everything your child may need, like wipes, diapers, snacks and sippy cups. It’s even got room for your stuff, like purse or a laptop, and it can even be a good idea to store a backup air pump, in case you ever need to inflate the tires.

          Weight & size

          The Indie is pretty light compared to a lot of other all-terrain models, at only 24lbs. This makes it easy to fold up and store in the car.

          Child seat

          The seat is made of sweat-wicking material, which not only keeps your child comfortable but also reduces odors (which is always nice). And the material helps regulate body temp, so your baby will stay comfy if you’re moving from a room with AC to warmer outdoor temperatures, for example. And the seat is easily reclinable with the pull of a strap, so they can either sit upright or lean back for a nap. The recline isn’t completely flat, so something to keep in mind for really young babies where the neck muscles haven’t fully developed. And a nice bonus is that the Bumbleride Indie is made from recycled material. So not only are you protecting your child, but you’re also helping the environment.


          Yes, Bumbleride strollers tend to be on the pricier end, which is to be expected of an upmarket stroller. But what a lot of parents do once their children outgrow them, since these strollers are built to last, is resell them. They’re very durable and high-quality strollers, so you shouldn’t have trouble selling to the next expecting parent in need of an amazing stroller. It’s got a large, pop-out canopy that you can open to keep an eye on your child or just to let air through and keep them comfortable.


          The front wheel is on a swivel, which gives you great maneuverability in crowded areas. And you can also lock it in place if you’re picking up the pace a little bit, or for going over bumpier conditions. One thing to note: the Indie isn’t built for serious running. If you plan on taking your baby on runs with you, you’ll want to look into the Bumbleride Speed. We’ll explain why in a minute.

          Folding & Carrying

          You can fold the Indie in one simple step and it auto-locks in place. From there you can either stand it upright or easily store it in a trunk.

          Bumbleride Indie Conclusion

          All-in-all the Bumbleride Indie is an amazing, high-end stroller. It’s ideal for normal errands as well as going on uneven terrain. Though it’s not going to be the best option for parents who like to bring their baby on longer or faster runs with them.

          Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

          Simply put, the Bumbleride Speed was made for parents who love to bring their kids along for longer jogs or faster runs. The Speed was built to accommodate your more active lifestyle, while also living up to Bumbleride’s sleek design quality. Just like the Indie, the Speed has all-wheel suspension, and air-filled tires for a smooth ride. You can adjust the handlebar depending on your height. And it also has the same magnetic peek-a-boo window. The Speed also has an extendable canopy in the front to protect from too much sun exposure. And it’s got a zip-off canopy in the back to let even more air through.


          The Speed’s frame is made of aluminum, which means it’s very durable, but also extremely light. Other strollers made with cheaper materials will often get dinged-up over the years, and you’ll just end up throwing them away. Bumbleride strollers are known for their durability, which is why many parents use them for years, and then resell them for a good price, after they no longer need them.

          3 different wheel settings

          The Indie’s front wheel has a locked mode and a swivel mode. But the front wheel on the Bumbleride Speed has three options. It’s got a fully locked position for running. It’s got an open swivel mode for maneuvering crowded spaces. And then it’s got a new 30% swivel mode for jogging. This allows you to handle obstacles a little better than with the fully locked mode.

          Wheel size

          One noticeable difference between the two strollers is that the Speed’s back wheels are 16 inches, unlike the Indie which are 12 inches. This is because the Speed is built for more serious running, and the larger wheels make it easier to go over debris or uneven ground at higher speeds. If you’re serious about running, no doubt about it, you’ll appreciate the bigger tires on the Speed.

          Safety features

          The Bumbleride Speed also has a wrist strap so that your stroller can’t get away from you when jogging. And it has a 5-part harness to keep the baby secure. It’s these little features you may not have thought of on your own, but definitely notice when they’re there. Confidence and safety make all the difference.

          Car seat

          One thing to note: While the Speed does have a simple one-step recline, same as the Indie, it doesn’t go to a fully reclined position for newborns. Younger babies aren’t going to have developed strong enough neck muscles. The good news is that you can purchase a Bumbleride bassinet or baby carriage that hooks right into the stroller, and they’re extremely easy to swap out. Just be sure to check with your pediatrician to know when it’s okay to run with the baby in an inclined position.

          Weight & capacity

          The Speed is a little heavier (26lbs) than the Indie (24lbs), but still not bad for a performance stroller. The Speed is pretty big and sturdy. It’s able to carry loads up to 65llbs, where the Indie can only carry up to 55lbs. And the seat is the standard 19 inches which should be plenty of room for most babies.

          Bumbleride Speed Conclusion

          Most Bumbleride customers agree that the Speed is an amazing stroller. It keeps kids comfortable yet very secure. It’s extremely maneuverable, if walking you can literally steer it with one finger. And the bigger wheels and all-wheel suspension let you go faster without having to worry about bumping the baby around. And it’s worth repeating that it’s also quite stylish, which most stroller brands don’t take into consideration. It’s also eco-friendly, which is always a plus. And because it’s such high quality, many parents end up re-selling their years later and pocket a little extra cash.

          Which Bumbleride Stroller would be best for me?

          If you’re on the fence about which model would be best for you, it mostly comes down to how serious you are about running. If the most you do is go on shorter jogs on flatter surfaces. Or if you go off-road but only at a fast walking pace, then the Bumbleride Indie likely has everything you’ll need.

          But if you plan on lots of running, and especially longer distances and across uneven terrain, then you’d probably prefer the Bumbleride Speed. The bigger 16-inch wheels really do make a difference when moving faster. And the 30% mode for the front wheel lets it swivel enough to move around potential debris. But it won’t swivel so much that it can spin all the way around while turning at faster speeds and cause an accident.

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