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COROS is one of the most premium GPS watches, used by professional climbers like Tommy Caldwell & pro runners like Emily Infeld. And we've put together the top COROS watches with all the best features for you. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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COROS is one of the most premium GPS watches, used by professional climbers like Tommy Caldwell & pro runners like Emily Infeld. And we've put together the top COROS watches with all the best features for you. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

COROS APEX Premium 46mm & 42mm GPS Watch

The APEX Premium is COROS' entry-level GPS watch. This is a very lightweight watch, comparable to the Garmin 235. However, it’s more durable than the Garmin thanks to the sapphire glass screen. It also tends to track your data more accurately. And most of all, it has an impressive battery life.


The battery life on the 42mm is 25 hours in full GPS mode, and then 24 days when not in GPS mode. The 46mm has a battery life of 35 hours in GPS, and can last 30 days in normal mode. One thing about COROS watches is that the batteries are reliable. You can keep it in GPS mode and know that you’ll have plenty of life for your adventure.

Navigation & Breadcrumb Trail

You can upload a trail route to your watch and follow along in real-time. This is great for a number of reasons. For one it keeps you from getting off path if you’re unfamiliar with the trail. And with the back-to-start feature, it’s easy to find your way back to your starting point.


The APEX 46mm and 42mm have scratch-resistant sapphire glass. There’s no need for a screen protector because you’re not going to scratch the glass on this watch, unless you’re really going out of your way.

Water resistance

The APEX models are water-resistant down to 100m, which is the same as the higher-end APEX Pro.


Also same as the APEX Pro, the APEX 46mm and 42mm are tested to be fully functional down to 14 degrees. They can’t go as low as the Pace 2 or the VERTIX, which can both handle minus 4 degrees.

COROS VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch

The COROS VERTIX was built to be the ultimate adventure watch.

Functional at any temperature

It’s fully functional in extreme temperatures. It’s been tested at up to 140 ℉, and well below 0 ℉, so no matter where you take it, the VERTIX will perform just fine. And it works as deep as 150 meters underwater, so you can literally take this thing anywhere.


But the feature that maybe sets the VERTIX apart the most is the battery life – 45 days on standby mode, and 60 hours fully active (using GPS). And when it comes to low temps, COROS tested the VERTIX in -20 ℉ and it lasted 20+ hours in full GPS mode.The glass on the VERTIX is noticeably more durable than any of the other COROS models.Being such a durable watch, it’s also quite heavy – definitely heavier than the APEX or APEX Pro.

COROS APEX Pro Premium GPS Watch

The APEX Pro is many peoples’ favorite out of the COROS family.This APEX Pro is great for athletes looking for detailed insights into their workout regime so they can make adjustments to their training. It’s also the watch you’d want if you feel you need a little more battery life than the 46mm (35 hours) and the 42mm (25 hours).

Touch screen

The APEX Pro was the first COROS watch to introduce a touch screen. This makes it so easy to switch between certain screens and check different data while you’re in motion. You can’t use the touch screen for everything, but it’s available for the features you need most while you’re actively using it.And it still has the crown knob like all the other models. Though the knob on the APEX Pro is slightly larger than on the APEX 46mm, making it super easy to use even if you’re wearing gloves.

Accurate data

The APEX Pro also has more accurate data than the APEX 46mm and 42mm. It can monitor your blood oxygen level with continuous heart rate monitoring 24/7. You can use this to track every moment of your training.This gives you an accurate look at how it’s affecting your body while taking into account elevation changes.

Water resistance

Just like the other APEX models, you can take the Pro down to 100 meters underwater. And possibly further, that’s just how deep it’s been officially tested to perform at.
If you needed more than that, the VERTIX has been tested as deep as 150 meters underwater.


It’s got a very long battery life, with 40 hours in full GPS mode. This way you don’t have to worry about it dying on longer runs or adventures. It’s perfect for those who are on their feet (or bike, or skis) all day.


Same as the other APEX models, it’s got scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It’s not as scratch-resistant as the glass on the VERTIX, which appears to be indestructible. But unless you’re going out of your way to scratch it, the sapphire glass on the Pro is pretty strong.


The APEX Pro is a good bit heavier than the other APEX models. It’s not going to get in your way or weigh you down, but it is noticeable.


Same as the APEX models, the Pro is tested to be fully functional down to 14 degrees. This is not as low as the Pace 2 can go (-4 ℉, below zero), which is interesting.

Features the Pro has that the Apex does not:

  • The Pro has a much more detailed heart rate monitor – it has more sensors, and therefore more detailed data
  • It’s got a 24/7 blood oxygen monitor
  • It has a pulse oximeter
  • It comes with a touch screen so that within an activity you can easily scroll between data fields
  • It’s got night mode where you can toggle on a backlight that doesn’t suck up your battery. This makes it even easier to see the screen in the dark

COROS PACE 2 Premium GPS Watch

The PACE 2 is COROS’ baseline GPS watch. It’s pretty much identical in size to the regular APEX 42mm model. But it’s the lightest of all COROS watches, and frankly one of the lightest on the entire GPS watch market. And even though it’s the same size as the smaller Apex (42mm), it’s actually got the same slightly larger screen size as the 46mm Apex. So smaller watch, slightly larger screen.


For battery life, the PACE 2 sits right between the APEX 42mm and the APEX 46mm.You’ll get 30 hours in full GPS mode and 20 days in normal mode.

[NO] Navigation & Breadcrumb Trail

One big difference maker on the PACE 2 is the lack of navigation features, as in zero.Unlike the other models, you can’t upload routes to follow in real-time.

There’s no breadcrumb capability which helps you stay on course, if you’re on a path you’re not familiar with. It also doesn’t have a back-to-start feature, which can come in handy when you get to the end of an unfamiliar course and you’re not sure how to get back to where you started.

Lacks activities on the APEX (can’t log these activities)

Unlike the APEX models, the PACE 2 doesn’t have hiking mode, trail running mode, or walking mode, so you can’t log these specific activities.

Water resistance

The Pace 2 only goes down to 50 meters underwater, which is not as deep as other models. So if you know you’ll need coverage up to, say, 100 meters, then you’d want an APEX.


Believe it or not, the PACE 2 is better than both apex models when it comes to low temperatures. It’s been tested to be fully functional at -4 degrees, which is the same as the VERTIX (the most high-end model). And all of the COROS watches are tested up to 140 degrees.

Night mode

This is a feature that you don’t get in the APEX models until you get up to the APEX Pro. It’s a nice little feature where you can enable a backlight that makes it a little easier on the eyes in the dark.


The glass isn’t as durable or scratch-resistant as any of the APEX models. However, the silver lining here is that the less dense glass keeps the PACE 2’s weight down. Just know that if you go with the PACE2, you might want to use a screen protector.

What separates COROS from other GPS watches?

COROS watches have a few features that set them apart from the competition.

Battery life

Maybe the most obvious differentiator of COROS watches. The VERTIX is particularly impressive because you can wear it for 50 miles and still have more than 75% power left!

Fast connectivity

COROS watches generally seem faster at connecting to GPS than most other watches. It takes no more than 15 seconds to connect with GPS and sync up, which is quite impressive.

Large crown knob

This may not seem like that big a deal, but this little feature makes your experience that much better. After using it for a few days, you’ll definitely notice and appreciate the larger knob size. This is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you have it.

Multi-day recording

Maybe one of the best features of COROS watches is that you can pause your workout and pick it up again later. This saves battery life, gives you more time to run without GPS interference, and allows for multi-day recording. So all those chopped runs become one big long uninterrupted session.

Accurate GPS

Without a doubt, COROS watches are GPS accurate. There’s been plenty of testing between Garmin, Polar, and the APEX Pro. And the Pro comes out flawless, even after going through a parking garage where it’s easy to lose your signal.


COROS watches have a gorgeous interface and they’re just more intuitive to use. And the COROS app has a simple design that makes it easier to navigate through. You won’t get overwhelmed by too much info on one screen.

How to pick the best COROS Watch for you

If you want the most high-end GPS watch, with the longest battery life, the most durable glass, can go deepest underwater, and can withstand the lowest temperatures, you’ll want the VERTIX. There is no more high-end model than the VERTIX. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, and you’re mainly concerned with having the most accurate data, then you’re probably going to want the APEX Pro. It’s got the second best battery life, only outdone by the VERTIX, and is extremely durable. But when compared to the other APEX models, or the PACE 2, it provides way more accurate data tracking.

If you just need a reliable GPS watch with good battery life and the ability to upload and follow training routes, then the APEX 46mm and 42mm are everything you need (and probably more). When choosing between the two, it mostly comes down to battery life: Do you think you need 35 hours (46mm) in GPS mode, or will 25 hours (42mm) be plenty for you? And if you want a GPS watch with good battery life, and you’re not planning on uploading routes to follow along with, then the PACE 2 is the watch for you. It’s got night mode, which the APEX 46mm and 42mm don’t have. It’s got 30 hours of life, which is better than the 42mm. And it can handle colder temperatures than the 46mm and 42mm.

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