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Narrow Women's Training Shoes

When selecting your next cross-training shoe, look for a few key features. Traction is very important for activities that involve heavy lifting, and a reinforced toe will allow the shoe to withstand push-ups, planks, and similar moves. A training shoe featuring a zero drop (or close to zero) is well suited for squats and lifting weights, and a breathable upper will keep your feet cool.

Most importantly, choose a shoe that fits your unique foot. If you have narrow feet, it’s imperative that your training shoes fit well. How do you know if you’ve found the right narrow training shoes? Try ’em on! Wear the socks you plan to wear when you work out, and be sure to try on both shoes. Your feet should feel secure in the shoes, but you shouldn’t have to over-tighten the laces.

Your feet swell when you exercise, and neglecting to leave adequate room can result in painful blisters later on. Don’t be afraid to walk around the store a bit—or even do a few lunges or squats—to see if the shoes rub, slide, or generally don’t feel “right” on your feet. Do the shoes feel stable and supportive? Are your arches happy? Do the shoes provide good traction?

We carry narrow women’s training shoes in a variety of styles and brands to keep you going strong.

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