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Results you can't resist! Resistance training (aka lifting weights) is no longer seen as being just for elite athletes and bodybuilders. Adding weight workouts to your fitness routine offers many benefits, including strength gains, improved balance, increased fat loss, stronger bones, and reduced potential for injury.

Nearly anyone can incorporate some form of weightlifting or cross-training into their fitness routine—no matter what your goals are, adding weight workouts into the mix can help you achieve them. Looking to improve your tennis game? Be sure to get some arm and shoulder exercises in. Want to improve your running pace or distance? Try adding walking lunges and jump squats to your next workout. Training doesn’t have to involve grunting in the gym with heavy weights, either—you can get a great weight training session in with just your bodyweight! Pushups, planks, and squats can all be done with zero equipment in the comfort of your own home.

Humans have been engaging in weight training since the beginning of time, though they likely weren’t aware of the correlation between moving heavy objects around and getting stronger; they just took advantage of their new strengths when hunting, gathering, and constructing shelters. What we now view as "training" gained serious traction in the 1970s and has steadily increased in popularity since then with more people than ever engaging in some sort of weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis.

Weight workouts can be done with as much or as little gear as you want. You can keep it simple with just your favorite activewear and training shoes, or you can go full-throttle with sports nutrition, high-tech workout clothes, workout hydration, and more. Regardless of how much equipment you choose to use, a supportive pair of training shoes is absolutely critical. Training-specific footwear helps you maintain proper form during your workouts, which can help reduce your risk of injury and allow you to get the most out of each exercise. Your workout clothes should also help you perform your best: Compression clothing is said to aid in blood circulation and recovery. Most modern activewear is made out of moisture-wicking material, which is a great way to stay cool and comfortable during your workout, and many popular brands are offering workout clothes made with antimicrobial materials to reduce odor.

We have a wide variety of training shoes and comfortable workout clothes to help you perform at your peak. We also carry plenty of workout hydration solutions and sports nutrition options to support your training from the inside out. Browse our collection of the best training gear from popular brands to find everything you need to dominate your workout.

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