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      UCAN had a surprising start when the parents of a young boy with a rare metabolic disorder began their search for a slow-acting starch that would allow them to space out his tube feedings. The boy’s parents teamed up with some innovators and together they formed UCAN in order to manufacture a slow-digesting carbohydrate known as SuperStarch®. Utilizing a patented, precise cooking method, SuperStarch® regulates blood sugar and allowed the boy’s parents to space out his feedings. It wasn’t long after this breakthrough that the boy’s parents began to study the effects of SuperStarch® on athletes and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, UCAN produces drink powders and energy bars that give you even, sustained energy no matter how grueling your workout.

      Nutrition: UCAN Hydrate Electrolyte Drink (12 Pack) Nutrition: UCAN Hydrate Electrolyte Drink (12 Pack)
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