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Close up view of the the Volkl V-Cell family of tennis racquets sitting in a row.

Volkl Tennis Racquets

Volkl is one of the elite tennis racquet brands, used by tennis pros such as Liezel Huber and Laura Siegemund.And we've put together the top Volkl racquets to help you improve your game.For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below. Volkl tennis racquet reviews

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The Volkl V-Feel 2 – beginners racquet with massive head size

What type of player is the V-Feel 2 ideal for?

The Volkl V-Feel 2 is an excellent beginner’s racquet, largely thanks to its oversized head.The V-Feel 2 has a massive 115in head size, which is much wider than Volkl's other racquets in the series. This translates to more power with less effort. And also a greater surface area to hit the ball. It also has a headlight balance which allows for faster reactions without sacrificing power.

The Volkl V-Feel 2 has a great feel and is easy to play with. It’s also inexpensive compared to some of the intermediate and advanced racquets. This makes sense for people who are just getting a feel for their game, and they can invest in a more specialized racquet down the road.

What type of player is the V-Feel 2 NOT ideal for?

The V-Feel 2 is probably not going to be the best racquet for players who prefer hitting drop volleys, or who want to be aggressive at the net.This racquet's head is too big and it generates too much of its own power. This means you won’t have the precision to hit delicate shots if you’re close to the net. It also makes drop volleys very difficult because you can’t just put a little bit of finesse on your shots.

The Volkl V-Cell 4 – (extended length, generous head size, more forgiving thanks to the cellulose material)

The Volkl V-Cell 4 is an extended-length racquet with a generous head size and a more forgiving frame.

What type of player is the Volkl V-Cell 4 ideal for?

The Volkl V-Cell 4 racquet is great for intermediate players who have built up their arm strength and skills a little bit. It still has a generous head size (105in), and still generates a decent amount of power on its own. It’s quite forgiving on your arm thanks to Volkl’s cellulose material. This helps reduce arm fatigue, allowing you to play longer. And It provides more control than a model like the V-Feel 2, but still has enough power to make a difference. And it’s quite durable.

The Volkl V-Cell 4 racquets are said to last twice as long as other tennis racquets. At the end of the day, the Volkl V-Cell 4 also offers good all-around capabilities, so it's suitable for players who need both power and control.

What type of player is the Volkl V-Cell 4 NOT ideal for?

The l V-Cell 4 wouldn’t be the best racquet for players who are looking to generate all of their own power, because it does provide you with plenty of power. This means If you’re looking for more control over how and where you hit the ball, this might not be the most ideal racquet for you.

The Volkl C10 Pro – (advanced, heavy, small head)

The C10 Pro is one of Volkl's most popular tennis racquets.

What type of player is the Volkl C10 Pro ideal for?

The Volkl C10 Pro is meant for advanced players whose main goal is control over their shots. It’s got a smaller head size (98in) for better control. If you’re interested in playing closer to the net, where you’ll need more finesse on your shots, this racquet is probably what you’re looking for.

What type of player is the Volkl C10 Pro NOT ideal for?

The Volkl C10 Pro would not be the best model for new tennis players. It’s heavier and has a stiffer frame than many of the other models. This means if you haven’t yet built up your arm strength, your muscles will get tired more quickly and won’t be able to play as long. And the stiffness of the frame might also take a toll on beginners, and even some intermediate players. The C10 Pro’s stiffer frame and heavier weight allow for more self-generated power while maintaining control. This just means you have to do all the work.

How to choose the best Volkl tennis racquet for you

You’ll want to consider a number of factors when choosing a new tennis racquet. The length, the weight, and the size of the racquet’s head can all make a noticeable difference. And then there are your unique preferences. Control versus power. Open string pattern versus tight. And whether you’re an aggressive player or a baseline player. The good news is that tennis racquets are broken down into three standard categories: Beginner racquets (or power racquets), intermediate racquets (or Tweener racquets), and advanced (or player racquets for more experienced players).

So based on your experience level, let’s take a look at some of the best racquet options for you.


Best beginner Volkl racquet for power

TheVolkl V-Feel 2is a powerful oversize racquet, perfect for beginners and experienced doubles players.This racquet is designed to give a catapult effect when making contact with the ball. This makes generating power easier for those who haven’t developed their arm muscles yet (or players who just prefer this feature in general).And since it generates so much of its own power, this also lets you play longer without your arm getting worn out.

Best beginner Volkl racquet for speed and spin

The Volkl V-Cell 4is your best bet for speed and spin for beginners. It's got a noticeably smaller hitting surface (105in.) compared to the V-Feel 2. And it's a little more forgiving which is great for players who want to get a little more control of their shots.


Best intermediate Volkl racquet for power

The Volkl V-Feel 7, with its 104in head size, is more powerful than a standard 100in racquet. As a result, you'll find it easier to hit the ball deep and put pressure on your opponent. And yet, the V-Feel 7 is designed to give you much more control over your shots thanks to the forgiving frame.

Best intermediate Volkl racquet for speed and spin

The Volkl V-Cell 10 300gWith a smaller head size (98in.), and moderate weight, this racquet is perfect for the intermediate player who prefers more spin and precision over their shots.


Best advanced Volkl racquet for speed and spin

The V-Cell 10 is a favorite among intermediate and advanced players. The racquet is fitted with Volkl's updated V-Cell technology that was introduced in the 2020 line of racquets. The V-Cell 10 is designed for speedier shots, and letting you put more spin on the ball thanks to the 16x19 string pattern.

Best advanced Volkl racquet for control

The Volkl V8 Pro is intentionally designed to give you more control over your shots. The 18x20 string pattern means you’ll put less spin on the ball compared to a 16x19. Because there’s less open space, the racquet doesn’t “catch” the ball and allow you to put as much spin on it. The 18x20 pattern also feels more dead when hitting the ball, meaning it doesn’t generate as much natural power. This is ideal for players who want to control how far they hit the ball based solely on the amount of effort they put into their swing. This racquet also has a larger head size (100in) and is noticeably lighter than the V10 Pro.

I need help deciding: Which would be the best Volkl tennis racquet to start with?

If you’re just starting out and you don’t yet know your playing style or preferences in a tennis racquet, two of your best options are the V-Feel 2 and the V-Cell 4.

The Volkl V-Feel 2

If you know you lack the arm strength, or if you just like the sound of a racquet that does more of the work for you, the V-Feel 2 is probably what you’re looking for. It’s light and has a big head size, so you don’t have to work as hard to smack the ball back across the net.

The Volkl V-Cell 4

If you’re looking to be more aggressive, running up to the net, and especially if you’re already pretty fit with muscle in your arms, you’d probably be more interested in the V-Cell 4. It lets you generate a little more of your own power, which means you can choose to put more finesse on your shots (especially if you’re attacking the net).

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