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Wide Running Shoes

If you’re a wide-footed runner, finding the perfect fit can feel frustrating. It’s like the shoe manufacturers completely forgot about you when designing their products. In the endless quest for the best fit, wide-footed runners find their options limited, settling for “good enough.” But there are consequences for squeezing into a tight shoe. Wearing kicks that don’t fit can lead to injury, and the road to recovery is a path no runner should take.

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Wide Running Shoes

Wide Running Shoes
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If you’re a wide-footed runner, finding the perfect fit can feel frustrating. It’s like the shoe manufacturers completely forgot about you when designing their products. In the endless quest for the best fit, wide-footed runners find their options limited, settling for “good enough.” But there are consequences for squeezing into a tight shoe. Wearing kicks that don’t fit can lead to injury, and the road to recovery is a path no runner should take.

We carry a large quantity of wide running shoes to help you achieve your goals. We’re always adding wide widths—from D through 4E—to our extensive inventory to meet your needs. Our shoe experts have decades of experience helping customers find the best fit, and they’ll do the same for you. Whether you’re looking for top brands, a flashy design, or replacing your favorite pair—we have the perfect fit for you!

In this article, we’ll break down the different kinds of wide running shoes based on their features and your needs.


We’ll explain the different models based on their technology and how it applies to you. Then, we’ll help you decide which specific model will be the best match according to your arch type and running gait. If you don’t know your arch type or running gait, check out our ultimate guide to choosing running shoes first.


How do I choose the best wide running shoes for me?

The best way to choose the right wide running shoes is to try them on in the store. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The surfaces where you run
  • The distance you typically run
  • And of course, your unique foot shape

Wear the socks you’ll use during your runs and be sure to try on both shoes. Your feet should feel secure in the shoes, your toes should have plenty of breathing room, and your feet shouldn’t look like they’re spilling out over the sides.

Your feet swell when you run, so neglecting to leave a little extra room can result in painful blisters. Don’t hesitate to jog around the store a bit to see if the shoes rub, slide, or just don’t feel “right” on your feet. Does the shoe flex with your foot? Are your arches happy and supported? Here are the most important things to note:

  • You should be able to spread your toes.
  • Your foot should not feel constricted AT ALL.
  • The shoe should cup your heel comfortably.

We have wide running shoes to suit your unique needs. Find your perfect pair and crush your goals today!


Best running shoes for wide feet

Top Pick: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 – New Balance’s Plush Daily Trainer

Of all the brands currently on the market, New Balance consistently offers the most diverse options available in wide widths. The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 is the company’s most comfortable shoe. It’s great for long distance running as well as casual strolls through the park. Anyone with a wide foot who needs a shoe with a better fit will appreciate the 1080v11’s availability in 2E and 4E widths.


What you’ll notice:

  • Luxurious Cushioning

The 1080v11 features a Fresh Foam X midsole, which is engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride. Every step lands in a plush bed of cushion to make you feel like royalty on your runs.

  • Stretchy and Supportive Upper

The Hypoknit upper is made with a stretchy material that gives your feet plenty of room to breathe. Its bootie-style construction hugs your foot for a snug and supportive fit.


Honorable Mention: Hoka Bondi 7– Hoka’s Comfort Cruiser

Originally adopted by elite ultramarathoners due to its incredibly soft cushioning, the Hoka Bondi has been embraced by comfort enthusiasts and injury-prone runners alike. As the most cushioned shoe in Hoka’s lineup, the Bondi thrives during long distances, high weekly mileage, or adding comfort to your daily activities. Its slightly wider than the Clifton and is available in extra widths for both men and women.


 What you’ll notice:

  • Pillow-soft cushioning

HOKA’s shoes are known for their plush feel, and the Bondi is a prime example. Its full-length compression-molded EVA midsole provides a floating sensation with every step, lasting mile after mile. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to run on marshmallows, the Bondi comes close to realizing your dreams!  

  • Smooth glide

Another signature HOKA technology is the Meta-Rocker midsole. This geometric design guides your foot through smooth heel-to-toe transitions. It reduces pressure on your feet and legs, keeping them fresh for longer runs.


Best wide toe box running shoes

Top Pick: Altra Torin 5 – The Jack of All Trades

Whether you’re training for a marathon or a 5K, the Altra Torin 5 hits the sweet spot between shock absorption and energy return. Every stride on the Altra EGO Max midsole enters a great state of comfort, keeping you moving through the miles. Altra is all about promoting a natural running experience, which distinguishes them from other brands.


What you’ll notice:

  • FootShape Toe Box

The Torin 5’s upper is designed to let your toes spread out naturally while allowing the big toe to remain straight, instead of squeezing inward. This natural toe splay can reduce overpronation, improve stability and increase power during the toe-off phase. It also adds more space for anyone with bunions, Morton’s neuroma or other common foot conditions.

  • Balanced Cushioning platform

This signature Altra technology positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, encouraging better form and low impact landings. While the drop in most running shoes ranges from 8mm-10mm, Altra shoes are 0mm. Keep this in mind if you decide to switch, as you’ll need to make a gradual transition that allows your body to adjust and avoid injury.  


Honorable Mention: Saucony Echelon 8-The Ultimate Accommodation

One of the widest running shoes available, the Saucony Echelon 8 is focused on fitting a variety of foot sizes and shapes. It offers a spacious toe box and midfoot to let your feet splay and breathe. Whether you wear orthotics in your athletic shoes or have flat and wide feet, the Saucony Echelon 8 suits your needs. Available in D width for women and 2E for men.


What you’ll notice:

  • Orthotic-friendly

The Echelon’s sockliner provides an ultra-plush step-in feel. It can also be removed to accommodate after-market insoles. The Echelon 8 is APMA certified, which means the product is beneficial to overall foot health.

  • Adaptive fit

Wide-footed runners love the personalized fit that comes from the Echelon’s FORMIT upper. This technology cradles your foot comfortably while stretching to its shape for a customized fit. The spacious toe box comes in handy when your feet start to swell during a long run.


Best running shoes for wide feet with high arches

Top Pick: Brooks Ghost 14– Versatile Swiss-Army Shoe

What happens when you blend softness, responsiveness, and durability all in one? You get the Goldilocks of running shoes, aka the Brooks Ghost 14! Known for its versatility, the Ghost can handle anything from speed and tempo runs to long distance journeys. Its available in D width for women and up to 4E for men.


What you’ll notice:

  • Soft underfoot feel

Runners love the Ghost for its lightweight responsiveness, which comes from the full-length DNA LOFT midsole. This unique foam blends rubber and air for softness while providing lightness and durability. It makes for soft landings and smooth transitions, helping you stay in the comfort zone longer.  

  • Sleek and lightweight upper

The 3D Fit Print upper provides the perfect balance of stretch, security and breathability while adding to an overall sleek design. It adjusts to your foot for a secure, distraction-free fit so you can focus on the miles.


Honorable Mention: Hoka Clifton 8– Plush Cushioning and Rising Popularity

Ever since its introduction in 2014, the Hoka Clifton rose from the running underground to achieve mainstream appeal. Its ideal blend of softness and lightness proves that max cushioning and minimal weight can co-exist in one package. Whether you’re training for long distances or relaxing after your run, the Clifton 8 offers smooth comfort during any activity. It’s available in widths for men and women.


What you’ll notice:

  • Plush step-in feel

Designed to add softness at every angle, the Clifton’s padded mesh tongue welcomes you to paradise, like a best friend leading you to the VIP lounge. The molded EVA sockliner greets your feet with first-class comfort before you take your first stride.  

  • Reliable grip

Find your footing on wet hills or slick streets thanks to evenly distributed rubber pods on the outsole. Added coverage at the heel increases durability, so you can conquer more miles without needing a new pair.


Honorable Mention: New Balance 840v4– Soft Comfort & Smooth Strides

If you’re looking for a shoe with a spacious forefoot, The New Balance 840v4 is the perfect starting point. This neutral running shoe is great for running or walking and features a removable sockliner to support custom orthotics. The blown rubber outsole offers durable traction on every step of your activities.  Available up to 2E width for women and 4E for men, the 840v4 meets a wide range of needs.


What you’ll notice:

  • Out-of-the-box Comfort

Slip into a synthetic mesh upper to stay cool from your first stride to the final mile.  No-sew overlays accommodate areas with support or relief, leading a smooth ride for a variety of foot types.

  • Soft cushioning

Get the smooth feel you crave. Every stride on the ABZORB midsole reduces impact from running with a superior blend of foam cushioning and compression.


Best running shoes for wide feet with low arches 

Top Pick: Brooks Addiction GTS 15 – Max Support, Spacious Fit

 Supportive and protective, the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 provides a wide and generous fit. The 3D Fit print and Engineered Air Mesh materials provide the perfect blend of stretch and structure to support your foot shape. If you need support for overpronation or a wide toe box to fit orthotics, these motion control shoe are a great option. With widths up to 4E, its easy to see why so many runners crave the Brooks Addiction GTS 15!


What you’ll notice:

  • Smart support 

GuideRails technology adds support by keeping excess movement in check, aiding your feet, knees and hips. The one-piece outsole prevents the shoe from flexing too much, benefiting runners with orthotic needs.

  • Roomy fit

Give your feet some space to breathe. The unique forefoot construction adds space for orthotics for wide feet that need a high-volume shoe.


Honorable Mention: Brooks Dyad 11– Comfort & Accommodation  

Featuring a spacious midfoot, the Brooks Dyad 11 offers a generous fit for runners who need extra wiggle room for wide feet. This neutral running shoe provides sure-footed stability in a streamlined package. The wide platform provides a stable ride without over-correcting your natural gait. Smooth and stable, the Dyad 11 is also available in widths up to 4E for runners who need more space in their shoes.


What you’ll notice:

  • Generous fit

Sometimes all you need is some extra room to let your feet breathe. The Dyad 11 grants your wishes with an accommodating fit that supports orthotics, wide feet, or any other needs.

  • Soft cushioning

BioMoGo DNA adapts to your stride, protecting you in high-impact areas for keep you comfortable. Think of it like customized cushioning that adapts to your unique stride, adding soft underfoot comfort every step of the way.

 Best running shoes for wide feet w/ overpronation

Top Pick: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 – Innovative Support for All

Admired by runners of all levels, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is a great option for wide feet. It offers the perfect balance of durability, flexibility, cushioning and support without going overboard in either area. The 3D Fit Print upper offers plenty of stretch and structure to support your foot shape.  Whether you prefer long distances or high speeds, this versatile running shoe adapts to your routine.  


What you’ll notice:

  • On-demand Support

Introduced in 2018 with the Adrenaline GTS 19, GuideRails technology delivers holistic support that allows your hips, knees, and joints to move the way you naturally do. It keeps excess motion in check while guiding your body in its natural motion path, promoting alignment while reducing injury risk.

  • Buttery-soft strides

A fine-tuned blend of EVA foam, rubber, and air, DNA LOFT is the softest midsole cushioning from Brooks to date. Adding rubber improves durability and comfort while adding air decreases overall weight. The end result? Soft landings and silky-smooth transitions to lead you comfortably through the miles.  


Honorable Mention: Saucony Hurricane 23– Stability without Restraints

The Saucony Hurricane 23 supports wide-footed runners who go long distances. Mile after mile, this stability shoe provides the soft cushion and reliable support to reach your goals. A TPU guidance frame works with a secure upper to lead you forward without restrictions. Available in 2E for men and D for women.


What you’ll notice:

  • Reliable traction

XT-900 outsole improves traction in slippery conditions, while increasing flexibility and durability of the shoe.

  • Soft cushioning

Stay fresh when every step starts feeling harder. PWRRUN+ foam provides plush cushion to help you push for the extra mile.


Best running shoes for wide feet w/ supination

Top Pick: Brooks Glycerin 19 – A Ride Down Luxury Road

Known for its premium comfort, the Brooks Glycerin 19 is the most-cushioned Brooks running shoe. The 3D Fit print upper surrounds your foot with softness, offering plenty of stretch to support your natural movement. If you want plush cushion for long distances, the pillowy DNA LOFT midsole will satisfy your comfort cravings. With availability in D and 2E widths, its hard not to have a soft spot for this comfy neutral running shoe!


What you’ll notice:

  • Designed for Luxury

Runners love the Glycerin 19’s DNA LOFT cushioning and Ortholite sockliner, both of which create an ultra-soft step in feel. This version includes more DNA LOFT foam to add supreme underfoot softness to every step. Its super soft but not too squishy—the perfect blend to help you get lost in the miles.

  • Smooth sailing, Plush transitions

DNA LOFT Transition zones on the outsole offer smooth and soft transitions, no matter where your foot lands. It’s like flying first class with a front window seat as you ride toward your next destination.  


Honorable Mention: Saucony Triumph 19– Comfort for the Long Run  

The Saucony Triumph 19 features a personalized fit and three layers of cushioning that cradle your foot in comfort. As most luxurious shoe in Saucony’s lineup, the Triumph 19 offers excellent shock absorption and smooth transitions. If you need a wide-fitting shoe that works great during long distances, relaxed runs or recovery days, the Triumph is a reliable option. It’s available in widths for men and women.


What you’ll notice:

  • Personalized fit 

FORMFIT construction hugs your foot in 3D comfort, offering a personalized fit that accommodates your foot shape.  Stay cool and dry while you cruise through the miles in the engineered mono-mesh upper.

  • Cloud-like lightness 

Slip into an Ultra-plush bed of PWRRUN+ and enjoy consistently soft cushioning that feels as good at mile two as it does at 22. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Which ASICS running shoes are best for wide feet?

The ASICS GT-2000 is a go-to stability shoe for many runners, offering soft cushion and reliable support. An engineered knit upper surrounds your foot to add comfort from every angle. Available in D width for women and up to 4E for men, the GT-2000 supports runners with a wide range of needs.


Which Mizuno running shoes are best for wide feet?

Mizuno’s go-to neutral running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 offers soft cushioning for long distances and responsiveness for short bursts. Available in extra widths for both men and women, this shoe accommodates runners with wide feet. A light mesh upper allows your feet to breathe comfortably, keeping you cool while you cruise through the miles.


Which On running shoes are best for wide feet?

The On Cloudflow is a lightweight weapon for any runner who wants to achieve top speed. Available in wide for men and women, this neutral running shoe helps you find the perfect fit during your activities. Every stride on the ultralight Helion midsole provides a fast and responsive feeling, helping you tackle your training in comfort.

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