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Group of people running on road

Runner's Layering Guide for Women

A good layering strategy is essential for running in all types of weather. Basic layering includes four possible layers: undergarments, base, insulative, and protective. Undergarments should be fitted and made of a moisture-wicking material. Base layer items should be lightweight and also made of a moisture-wicking material. Choose sleeve and pant lengths based on your personal comfort in the given weather. Insulative layer clothing can be made of thicker materials like wool or they can be thinner materials like cotton and polyester. Look for garments that will trap heat against your body while allowing perspiration to escape to keep you warm and dry. Protective apparel is your last line of defense against wind and precipitation. Hooded jackets are great and you can opt for water-resistant pants if you anticipate a rainy run. Accessories like socks, gloves, hats, and so on should be selected based on the weather. Thick wool socks are great for frigid runs while moisture-wicking socks are generally the way to go for most others due to the foot’s tendency to sweat in most temperatures. Hats and headbands are a great idea for chilly runs—be sure to pick one in a moisture-wicking material to help keep your head dry.