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York Athletics Running Shoes

York Athletics Running Shoes

York Athletics is one of the most unique running shoes on the market today -- a stylish sneaker and a high-performance shoe combined into one. And we've compiled the top York Athletics running shoes for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different York Athletics models, see our breakdowns below.  Read More

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The York Athletics Henry Runner Mesh

The Henry Mesh is a fashion-focused shoe, intended for people with busy schedules who go from the gym, then right back to work, and then to daily life.

As far as performance, you could think of the Henry Mesh as a great cross-training shoe with a bit more focus on running. 

The feature that really stands out about this shoe is the mesh upper. It's extremely breathable, and as a side bonus, this helps keep the weight of the shoe down.

And for as breathable as the mesh upper is, it has a more rigid heel that makes it easier to slide on and off, which gives better support for more dynamic movements. This is why it's not just a great running shoe, but also great for cross-training.

The Henry Mesh is also very durable. It's got a slip-resistant outsole so you can run on somewhat slippery surfaces, for example running in the rain, with no problem at all.


How does the Henry Runner Mesh fit & feel

This is where York Athletics really shines!

The Henry Mesh feels like a slipper on your foot. This is a ridiculously comfortable shoe. And thanks to the more rigid heel, you can slide them on and of easily.

One of York Athletics' primary focuses is on the absolute perfect fit.  This is one of the factors that really separates them from other shoe brands.

In fact, one of the things they brag about the most is that they use a 52-point measurement system to form their shoe models. This is how they ensure the most comfortable fit possible.

How is the running experience in the Henry Runner Mesh

Breathable and springy!

The firm rubber in the midsole gives you a little bit of bounce back to spring you into your next step. This saves you energy, keeping your leg muscles from having to do all the work.

The heel is structured to hold your foot steady, making it great for HIIT style workouts, and more dynamic movements.

The Henry Mesh has a 9mm heel-to-toe drop (same as the Henry Sweatshirt and the Henry Leather). This is a tad on the leisure side, compared to a more aggressive 0mm to 6mm drop.

With a 9mm drop, you’re going to be more inclined to land on your midfoot or heel. This doesn't mean you can’t do sprints in this shoe. It just means the shoe isn’t necessarily built specifically for sprinting.

Who is the Henry Runner Mesh for?

This is a very versatile running shoe, built for runners, for comfort, and for style.

Ultimately, the Henry Mesh is great for people who might do cross-training but maybe tend to do a bit more running

And because this is a stylish shoe, it's great for multi-purpose -- running, running errands, working, grabbing a few after-hour drinks with friends.

One note:  As comfortable as this shoe is, if you're going on longer runs, you’d probably want a model with a bit more cushioning. This shoe feels amazing, but the cushioning isn't specifically designed for long-distance running -- marathons, etc..

One thing you just can't help but notice about this shoe:  The mesh is amazing at keeping your feet cool. In fact, this might just be the most breathable performance shoe on the market.

Though if you’ll be running when it’s colder out, or if you plan on running in wet conditions or rain, you’d probably want a more solid upper like the Sweatshirt or the Leather models.

The York Athletics Henry Runner Sweatshirt (9oz)


This is quite a unique shoe. The upper material really does feel like the cloth a sweatshirt is made of.

The Sweatshirt is a little heavier than the Mesh. It’s still a light shoe, though you might not be able to go as fast as in the Mesh.

How does the Henry Runner Sweatshirt fit & feel

Just like the Mesh, the Sweatshirt has a great heel that holds you in place. And the upper is super soft, and just airy enough to keep you comfy, but not so much so that you couldn’t wear them in cooler weather.


How is the running experience in the Henry Runner Sweatshirt

The Henry Sweatshirt is just as comfortable to run in as the Henry Mesh. 

Who is the Henry Sweatshirt for?

Similar to the Henry Mesh, the Sweatshirt is for looking stylish while still functioning as a performance shoe. The difference between the Sweatshirt and the Mesh is the Sweatshirt is just a little less breathable, and a tad heavier.  Otherwise, they are very similar in both performance and comfort.

If there’s got to be a downside it might be that because these are such stylish shoes, you might feel guilty about dinging them up during more intense workouts. But if you’re not concerned about that, then this is a non-issue.

The York Athletics Henry Runner Leather

The Henry Leather is a high-end running shoe.

It's a bit heavier than the Henry Sweatshirt, and a noticeable amount heavier than the Mesh. So if the Mesh leaned more towards the performance end of the spectrum, the Henry Leather would lean more towards the style end.

It's warmer than the other models, though it's still surprisingly breathable.

Who is the Henry Runner Leather for?

 The Henry Leather is for the person who wants to look stylish while out and about, but who can pop into the gym at any moment for a quick workout.

You can certainly wear it during any season, though the Henry Leather would probably be a little better suited for colder months, while the mesh would be for warm months.

How do I choose: Henry Runner Mesh VS Sweatshirt VS Leather

If you're choosing by performance, you could think of it as a spectrum.  The Henry Runner Mesh is the lightest and most breathable, so you can move faster and your feet will stay cooler.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Henry Runner Leather is the heaviest and the least breathable (though still quite airy).

And the Henry Runner Sweatshirt sits comfortably in the middle.

Also, the Leather is going to be a bit more rigid than the Sweatshirt, which is a little more rigid than the Mesh. After that, they all have a 9mm drop. They all have decent cushioning with a responsive rebound effect.

But if you're looking for the absolute best performance, your best bet is the Henry Mesh


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