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York Athletics Training Shoes

York Athletics Training Shoes

York Athletics is one of the most stylish training shoes on the market today -- both a fashionable sneaker and a high-performance gym shoe combined into one. And we've compiled the top York Athletics training shoes for you here.

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York Athletics Via All-Terrain Trainer

The York Athletics Via All-Terrain is a hybrid hiking sneaker.

It’s a stylish alternative to traditional hiking shoes, as the Via is also intended to be worn casually.

And compared to typical hiking shoes the Via is pretty lightweight. It might not be as heavy-duty as other hiking boots for extreme hiking and overnight treks. But for casual hiking and intense outdoor workouts, the Via is perfect, especially if you don’t want to carry around a second pair of casual shoes to change into.

One other feature that separates the Via All-Terrain from other hiking shoes is that it’s sustainable. The Vibram outsole is made of recycled rubber and the upper is recycled ocean plastic. So if you’re concerned about the environment, just know that this is an eco-friendly hiking sneaker.

How does the York Athletics Via All-Terrain Trainer fit & feel

The Via is very comfortable, especially for hiking shoes.

One of the things York Athletics is known for the most is its fitting system. They use 52 points of measurement for a perfect fit. This is how they can give you such great support without feeling overly rigid and therefore uncomfortable.

And because of the Via’s lighter weight, you’ll feel almost like you’ve got on a pair of running sneakers.

York Athletics Via All-Terrain Trainer experience

When you’re hiking or training outside in the Via you’ll definitely notice the amazing traction. The Vibram outsole really gives you a sense of security on slippery surfaces. And the little neoprene bootie does an excellent job of keeping your foot warm and dry.

If you’re going to be hiking or working out in extremely cold temperatures, you may want an extra-thick pair of socks. But in moderate to even relatively cold temps, the Via keeps you very cozy.

Who is the York Athletics Via All-Terrain Trainer for?

If you’re looking for an outdoor shoe for hiking, that's light enough for trail running, but also stylish enough to wear out for drinks with friends, the Via All-Terrain is your shoe.

If you’re going on serious treks in extreme temperatures, or if you just prefer bulkier hiking boots, this might not be the shoe for you.

But if you want a maximum-comfort, lightweight hiking sneaker, the Via All-Terrain is probably what you’re looking for.

York Athletics Frank Trainer

The York Athletics Frank Trainer is a stylish, cross-training sneaker.

It’s designed to give you a better workout performance, plus a fashionable look after you leave the gym.

The mesh upper makes the Frank lightweight and also very breathable. And to make sure you have stability for dynamic and lateral movements, it’s got a sturdy leather cage that holds your foot in place.

How does the York Athletics Frank Trainer fit?

The Frank Trainer has a super simple slip-in design, and like all of York Athletics models, it’s extremely comfortable.

York Athletics Frank Trainer experience

One thing you’ll definitely notice when training in the Frank is just how responsive the midsole is. The EVA foam absorbs the impact and springboards you into your next step. This saves you energy and allows you to work out longer.

The Frank is surprisingly sturdy for such a breathable training sneaker, thanks to the leather cage. It really does keep your foot from sliding around, which is great for helping you avoid injuries.

Who is the York Athletics Frank for?

The York Athletics Frank Trainer is ideal for people who do cross-training and who want a stylish sneaker they can wear out and about.

If you wanted a little more ankle support out of your training sneaker you might prefer the Henry Mid. But if you want better maneuverability and range of motion for dynamic movements, then you’ll probably be happiest with the Frank.

If you’re looking for an outdoor sneaker that you can take on hikes and will keep your feet warm and dry, you’d probably prefer the Via All-Terrain.

But if you’re looking for a light, more versatile sneaker that will keep your feet cool, then the Frank Trainer is likely the sneaker you’re looking for.

York Athletics Henry Mid Trainer

The York Athletics Henry Mid is one of the most versatile training sneakers on the market.

First, you can’t help but notice how stylish it is. You could just wear this as your casual sneaker and never even hit the gym.

But it’s also built for amazing performance. The Henry Mid has the same springy midsole as the Frank. This absorbs the energy from your steps and propels you forward.

It’s got built-in stability bands which make it great for cross-training and more intense workouts. And the higher collar gives you enough structure and support for heavier weight lifting. It’s also very breathable, so your feet won’t get hot and sweaty during longer workouts.

The Henry Mid is very lightweight for a training sneaker. You could even do some light jogging or running in it, though it’s still a little heavier than a specific running shoe.

The Henry Mid also comes in a stylish leather model. And if you’re thinking the leather model would make your foot hot and sweaty, it actually doesn’t. The Henry Mid Leather is shockingly breathable for a leather sneaker.

And as far as comfort goes, the Henry Mid is one of the best feeling training sneakers you’ll ever put on. York Athletics makes comfy shoes, bottom line.


Who is the York Athletics Henry Mid Trainer for?

If your workouts are geared mostly towards running, then you might prefer a specific York Athletics running shoe. Running shoes are typically a little lighter so they won’t weigh you down. They often have less lateral support than a training shoe. And they usually have a little more cushioning for running on pavement.

But if your workouts are more versatile -- sometimes cross-training, sometimes weightlifting, and sometimes light running -- then the Henry Mid is probably the best training sneaker for you.

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