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Support your muscles and joints during any activity with a flexible, lightweight brace from OS1st! Featuring medical-grade graduated compression and moisture-wicking fabric, these shaped-to-fit support garments are a comfortable alternative to heavy splints, bulky neoprene sleeves, and complicated strap-and-buckle closures. OS1st base-layer bracing technology supports your muscles and joints and helps you optimize your recovery time. OS1st socks and compression sleeves are designed to stay in place and resist uncomfortable bunching, and they're sleek enough to fit under nearly any clothing or shoes! Shop All OS1st

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About OS1st

Man playing tennis in OS1ST elbow compression sleeve

Compression Zone Technology

Bringing together graduated compression and medical-grade orthopedic support, Compression Zone Technology® is the foundation upon which every OS1st® product is constructed. This groundbreaking technology delivers FDA-registered medical-grade support in lightweight, comfortable bracing sleeves and socks that are thin enough to be worn under your apparel of choice.

Utilizing anatomically correct zones of precise graduated compression, OS1st socks and compression sleeves surround your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments for 360 degrees of support. Compression apparel has been shown to enhance circulation, support and stabilize joints, improve performance, and aid in recovery, which means you can spend more time participating in your favorite activity and less time dealing with instability, pain, and injuries.

Woman OS1ST compression socks

Advanced Textile Engineering

Every OS1st product is backed by serious textile science to ensure that you get the most out of your performance. Featuring a hydro-transfer system for optimum moisture management and Lycra® Premium fiber integration for an individualized fit and full range of motion, you get medical-grade compression that keeps you dry, supported, and pain-free without getting in your way.

Man in OS1ST patella brace

Introducing K-Zone® Technology (KZT®)

This breakthrough design lets you take advantage of the support of kinesiology tape without the inconvenience of having to painstakingly apply and remove actual tape. KZT® creates a "strapping" effect in patterns that stabilize and support specific joints and muscles so you feel secure without feeling restricted.

Featured OS1st Technology

Female tennis player in OS1ST elbow compression sleeve

OS1st ES6 Elbow Bracing Sleeve

Utilizes Compression Zone Technology and features six different compression zones in order to stabilize tendons and support movement in any direction. Provides medical-grade support and circulatory safety.

OS1st ES3 Performance Elbow Sleeve

Features three compression zones that are fueled by Compression Zone Technology in order to stabilize tendons and offer support. Made to offer medical-grade support and circulatory safety.

OS1st WS6 Performance Wrist Sleeve

Designed with K-Zone Technology for extra support where you need it the most, this sleeve outperforms traditional straps and cuffs by offering graduated compression in an agile, moisture-wicking sleeve.

OS1st CS6 Performance Calf Sleeves

Offers reduced impact vibration, improved stabilization, and optimized circulation. Compression Zone Technology in six graduated compression zones offer targeted stability and improved recovery.

OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve

Features seven graduated compression zones. Thin enough to be worn under clothes yet powerful enough to support the patella from above and below while relieving pressure on the patellar tendon.

OS1st PS3 Performance Patella Sleeve

Offers medical-grade orthopedic support and three graduated compression zones while being light, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

OS1st QS4 Performance Quad Sleeve

Designed to alleviate or avoid iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) thanks to medical-grade orthopedic support and graduated compression.

OS1st FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Offers compression and support to ease current symptoms and prevent further irritation of plantar fascia. Features an anatomical left/right design and provides the right amount of foot compression and strategic padding to help strengthen foot structure and reduce overuse injuries.

OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

Provides all-day bunion thanks to an innovative, seamless split-toe design and targeted bunion pad for maximum comfort. Offers toe padding, anatomical construction, and 360-degree blister protection.

OS1st FS6 Performance Foot Sleeves

Treat your feet to the number one-selling foot sleeve on the running market! Enjoy improved circulation thanks to six graduated compression zones that strengthen and support the foot and Achilles tendon.

OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve

Provides stability and support without rigid, inflexible materials thanks to K-Zone® Bracing Technology (KZT®). Provides medial and lateral stabilization from the arch all the way up through the Achilles tendon.

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