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head light
head heavy




Dunlop Synthetic Grip

Head Size

105 sq. in.


27.25 in.

String Pattern

16M x 19C


Sonic Core with Infinergy


9.2 Ounces

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Dunlop SX Team 260

Meet the next generation of spin. The Dunlop SX series meets the demands of modern players, adding more spin on off-center shots to keep the ball in play. With the largest head size in the mid-range, the Dunlop SX Team 260 provides plenty of power and comfort on the court. Stay consistent on aggressive shots as the Spin Boost+ Grommets and Spin Boost String tech perfectly blend power and spin. Light, maneuverable and full of control and spin, its hard not to have fun with the Dunlop SX Team 260!

Racquet Technology

  • Spin Boost+ Grommets: Dynamic set of spin-enhancing grommets work with the spin boost string tech to provide more power, spin and control. The grommets allow for more string movement, creating a 'bite' on the ball, thus generating more spin. The extra movement makes the string bed more forgiving, creating a larger sweet spot.
  • Spin Boost String tech: Innovative enlargement of the string bed creates a more even power distribution and spin generation. This effect transfers more power to the top of the racquet where its needed for spin generation.
  • V-Energy Shaft: Unique V Shape frame geometry in the shaft of the racquet enhances frame stability and power.
  • Sonic Core™ made with Infinergy® by BASF: Material placed in the 2 and 10 o'clock areas of the racquet to offer high rebound and reduced vibrations, helping you unleash game-winning shots at will.