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Lobster Elite Grand Four Machine

The Lobster Elite Grand Four Machine is the world's most advanced battery-operated portable tennis ball machine. The Elite Grand Four offers unrivaled full random triple oscillation. This revolutionary design allows the machine to throw balls throughout the court spectrum, mixing up speed, spin, trajectory and oscillation. Triple oscillation allows the machine to oscillate vertically and horizontally, allowing for random shots simultaneously. Furthermore, the Elite Grand Four is programmed to never throw the ball out of the court. This fully random technological advancement allows the Grand Slam IV to realistically simulate true match play, an unsurpassed feature by any portable tennis ball machine on the market. The Elite Grand Four comes with six pre-programmed six-shot drills that simulate the most popular play styles - grinder, all-courter, and power baseliner. These incredible drills mix up speed, trajectory, and spin to prepare you to play against the world's elite! With the press of a button, you can practice against any playing style.

The Lobster Elite Grand Four Machine is also equipped with the most extensive 2-Line function found today. With its three versatile positional settings--Narrow, Medium, and Wide--you can groove your forehand and backhand ground strokes or use them to warm up your shots. Random, variable depth in 2-Line varies the depth of the shot randomly (short, mid and deep) within the normal 2-Linedrills if selected. The user can select narrow, medium, wide 2-Line drills and select variable depth to keep things interesting.

The Elite Grand Four also includes today's most revolutionary control panel. The "Lexan" control panel utilizes "touch buttons" instead of dials, knobs, and switches. It also has a digital LCD screen which allows you to view all menu selections and settings. For those players who consider themselves "technologically challenged," do not fear. The Lobster Elite Grand Four is incredibly user-friendly.

  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced players and professional coaches.
  • A random feed option allows users to vary the rate or interval between ball tosses.
  • Mixing up the ball rate interval simulates match play and keeps players on their toes.
  • Triple Oscillation: Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical, Random Horizontal, Random Vertical, Fully Random Horizontal & Vertical
  • Two Line Feature: Narrow, Medium and Wide with Random Variable Depth
  • Speed: 30-80 mph
  • Spin: Top, Back
  • Feed Rate: 2-12 Seconds
  • Battery Life: 4-8 Hours
  • Elevation: Electronic, 0-50 degrees
  • Weight: 44 Lbs.
  • 150 Ball Capacity.
  • 2 Year Warranty - Parts & Labor (Unless Misused)
  • 1 Year Warranty Accessories
  • 6-Month Warranty - Battery & Replacement Parts
  • Don't forget the Tennis Balls!
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  • California Tax note: The Lobster Elite Grand Four with Premium Charger & Remote is built-to-order and shipped directly from California. Therefore, all shipments to California must pay applicable CA state sales tax.