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Solinco Confidential 16 1.30 656' Reel (Item #012290)
Solinco Confidential 17 1.20 656'Reel (Item #012292)
Solinco Confidential 18 1.15 656'Reel (Item #012293)

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Solinco Confidential 16L 1.25 656' Reel

Serve up more spin with the Solinco Confidential 16L 1.25 656' Reel tennis strings. These co-polyester strings are designed to bring intense spin and maximum power with every swing, while also improving feel and control on the court. The Solinco Confidential 16L 1.25 uses an innovative chemical composition and high-powered polyester monofilament fiber to improve tension maintenance and amplify control and bite. For intermediate to advanced players who want to generate more power and spin, these are the strings for you!