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    Spenco PolySorb Total Support Original Insoles

    These premium insoles provide advanced arch support and a deep cupping heel for a Total Support System. The unique, patent pending, 3-POD™ Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent overpronation - the leading cause of many common injuries such as plantar fasciitis. For additional support and protection, PolySorb® Total Support Insoles are heat moldable to provide a custom fit.


    Size 1: Women's 5-6
    Size 2: Men's 6-7 / Women's 7-8
    Size 3: Men's 8-9 / Women's 9-10
    Size 4: Men's 10-11 / Women's 11-12
    Size 5: Men's 12-13
    Size 6 Men's 14-15

    *U.S. Shoe Size Equivalent


    3-POD™ Cushioning System: A performance optimizing design that absorbs shock and helps prevent overpronation.

    PolySorb® Support Cradle: Provides advanced arch support and deep heel cupping for total support.

    Forefoot Crash Pad: Provides extra cushioning under the ball of the foot for a smooth transition and toe off.

    Heat Moldable Layer: Provides a custom fit for maximum support and performance while reducing friction that causes blisters.

    Low Friction Top Cloth: Helps prevent blisters while controlling odor.

    Reverse Morton's Extension: Creates a toe off pad for greater propulsion.

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