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      16.5" L x 7" W

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      Trigger Point AcuCurve Cane

      The Trigger Point Acucurve Cane is specially designed to provide a convenient, ergonomic massage device for targeted pain relief. This cane style design contains several features including a firm tip at one end that can help get into difficult knots in your muscle. At the other end of the cane there are two massage balls that provide alternate massage techniques for targeting the spine and upper back muscles. A unique AcuLoop grip provides a secure way to hold the cane that allows for optimal leverage when getting into hard to reach spots.

      • AcuLoop grip helps provide better leverage with the device.
      • Features an extra firm drop tip provides precise pressure for eliminating deep tissue knots.
      • Offers a double massage ball design effectively releases tight muscles surrounding the spine to relieve pain and improve upper body mobility.