5 New Shoes for New Runners in 2019

I’ve avoided running like it was the plague for most of my life. Probably because running was used as a form of punishment during football practice. Offsides? Take a couple laps. Late for practice? Join the team after taking a couple laps. Out of breath? Take a couple laps to relax and get back out there.

As I got older my attitude toward running changed. Ultimate Frisbee gave me an appreciation for sprinting. Treadmill sessions at the gym helped me get comfortable with longer runs, and a few years ago I started to incorporate road and trail running. Though it wasn’t until the first time I ran in my Saucony Redeemer ISO 2s that I found out how proper shoes completely change your running experience.

Maybe you are like me in that your interest in running has grown over the years and you are ready to really try it out. Maybe you saw a gal or guy happily running down the street and you thought “Hey, my legs do that too! I should give it a go!” Maybe you want to take up running to bounce back from a little too much holiday cheer.

How you got here isn’t as important as selecting to right shoes to allow you to actually enjoy running. Running in old shoes that have lost their support and structure robs you of the comfort and safety required to run long enough to truly get into it. Also, you are destroying your feet, back, knees, and my heart!

For those new to running, here are a few new shoes suggested by our running shoe experts. They help new runners find the right shoe nearly every day in our retail showroom, so it was easy to find them and bother them for a few minutes.

Big thanks to Jason, Mike, and George for the tips!

Holabird veteran Jason would prefer more information about a new runner’s feet before suggesting a shoe, but he did say the ASICS GEL-Nimbus often draws the attention of new runners. It’s a popular shoe in running circles and for good reason. The Nimbus has long been one of ASICS' strongest products. This shoe is great for neutral runners, and runners with higher arches should certainly give the new GEL-Nimbus 21 a look too. Its unique mix of cushion and flexibility makes it a great entry point. Be sure to check out our overview for more details!

GTS stands for “Go-to Shoe.” Echoing what Brooks fans have known for years, our expert George says the Adrenaline is what he often recommends for new runners who may need some additional support. As opposed to the neutral ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21 above, the Adrenaline is perfect for those who may need some help with their form, particularly runners who show signs of overpronation. The latest Adrenaline debuted Brooks' new GuideRails system, which reduces excess movement and helps to prevent your feet from moving in an inefficient stride. Brennan from Brooks recently stopped by to give us a special look!

First things first, new runner, it’s pronounced SOCK-uh-nee not saw-CONE-ee. Now that we have that squared away, we’d like to introduce you to your new favorite shoe: the Ride ISO. Like the Nimbus, the Ride ISO is a neutral shoe that's a versatile hybrid of cushioning and flexibility, and Saucony also added their patented ISOFIT lacing system to this shoe in order to offer a more personalized fit. We’ll let Michael fill you in on the details.

Sometimes deciding between running shoes isn’t only about your running style, but also your fashion style. New runners who want a pair of shoes suitable for a run and a grocery store trip should see the newest Fresh Foam 1080 from New Balance. The 1080v9 neutral running shoe continues the trend of featuring New Balance’s Fresh Foam cushioning, so you’ll have a comfortable ride no matter where the day takes you.

If you want to go off the beaten path, Mike says 361° has been making noise in running circles for years. Their new Strata 3 is perfect for runners who want a support shoe they can take out for a quick speed run or a longer endurance session. The new MORPHIT lacing system keeps your feet secure and comfortable from all angles.