adidas Energy Running Socks: See the Difference Good Running Socks Make
When it comes to running "necessities," running socks may not be on everyone's list. However, those who do try running socks for the first time—be it for a race or a long run—may be converts for life.

The adidas Energy Running Socks are offered in a no-show and mid crew length, and they may become your best friend on as early as your next run or workout.

For those that still wear cotton socks, give these a try. At the very least, you'll have a high-performance sock in your arsenal.

Some of you may be dubious, though. What makes the Energy Sock a must-have? How does this sock stand out from the norm?

First and foremost, adidas uses premium materials that wick sweat. Unlike cotton socks that absorb moisture, the Energy Sock is more likely to keep perspiration off your foot, preventing blisters and hot spots.

Also, the adidas Energy Sock is designed with an anatomical fit, meaning that there is a specific fit for the left and right foot. Add a full-length compression feel, and you have a dynamic fit around your foot that provides exceptional comfort. Bear in mind that a "compression feel" does not mean that this is a medical-grade compression sock. Rather, it offers a slightly tighter grip around the foot to prevent slipping and bunching of material.

Lastly (and most importantly to some), the materials are treated with anti-odor properties. Go ahead: Take a whiff of your socks after a run or workout session. Perhaps only the bold will dare, but if you do, you may be surprised.

The adidas Energy Running Sock is offered in unisex sizing and both crew and no-tab styles. Check out the various styles and colors!

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