Altra Torin IQ Released! Smart Shoes DO Exist.

"The Torin IQ is the next step in running innovation. This smart shoe provides real-time running metrics and live coaching tips to improve running technique, form and balance."

Discover your cadence, landing zone, impact zone and contact time ALL in real-time with Altra's favorite road shoe: Torin 3.0.

In this new iteration, in addition to incorporating Altra's IQ technology, the Torin gains increased breathability in the upper as well as an updated FootPod outsole that better maps the bones and tendons of your feet for natural flexibility.

But what is this new IQ tech? 

The Altra IQ shoe, your "running coach in a shoe," joins a new wave of smart running technology, giving you running intelligence when you move.

With a virtually undetectable, razor-thin sensor embedded right in the shoe’s midsole, and paired with iFit technology, you get real-time feedback and coaching to improve your running technique and teach you how to protect your body.

The IQ is built with Altra DNA: a cushioned Zero Drop platform and a FootShape toe box. At the end of the day, “if you put on a pair of Altras, you run better and the IQ is a natural extension of that.” (Golden Harper, Altra founder)

Altra’s goal has never changed: to help you run better, and these shoes do just that. Men's Journal even claims that these are "the only smart running shoes worth buying."

The Altra IQ's dual shoe and full-length sensors allow you to monitor how hard you hit and how you strike the ground with each step. The app provides a view of your overall impact rate as well as your left to right balance. The Live Landing Zone feedback is a great way to see how your stride and form change over the length of your run, and its live coaching feature will help you avoid any extremes in foot striking.

The IQ shoes also track your cadence: the live "pulse" of your run and a key factor in your form, foot strike, and efficiency. Altra's live cadence tracking and timely coaching tips will help you keep your turnover at the appropriate rate for your current running pace, helping you become a more fluid running machine.

And finally, the Torin measures your Ground Contact Time (GCT): the amount of time each individual foot spends on the ground during your stride. GCT is a great informational metric to use in coordination with cadence and impact force/balance, helping you find the best stride for your body geometry.

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