As Seen In... The Hydro Flask Passes Popular Mechanic's Abusive Lab Test
Leave it to Popular Mechanics to test something by whacking it with a Louisville Slugger. Personally, I appreciate these "Abusive Lab Tests." If you're going to test something, you might as well throw it against a brick wall or run over it with a lawnmower.

In the April, 2013 issue of Popular Mechanics, they put three stainless-steel growlers to the test: the SS Growler, Zythos Project Brauler, and the Hydro Flash Wide-Mouth.

Test 1: Drop Test
They "accidentally" drop it off a bar... 15 times.
The Brauler had a few dents, the cap chipped but the seal remained intact. The Hydro Flask cap broke. The SS Growler sustained minor dings and the cap stayed in one piece.

Test 2: Endurance Test
They filled them with beer (41 degrees Fahrenheit) then left them on a counter for 2.5 hours.
The Hydro Flask won, only raising the beer 3 degrees. The Brauler rose 17 degrees and the SS Growler went up 16 degrees.

Test 3: Direct Impact
Whacked 15 times with a Louisville Slugger, both right side up and upside down.
The Brauler was the only one whose seal lasted; however, the steel body did not. The Hydro Flask dented and the seal leaked when it was turned upside down. The SS Growler crumpled and the seal leaked quickly.

If you're looking for a growler to hit with a baseball bat then check out the Brauler. However, if you want something sturdy that will also keep your drinks cold (for as long as possible) go with the Hydro Flask. Check out the entire "Abusive Lab Test" in Popular Mechanics.

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