Ashaway: The Racquet Sport String Specialists
Ashaway Line & Twine Manufacturing Co. Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Crandall is a knowledgeable tennis player and 6th generation member of this 190-year-old family owned company. Ashaway's strings are made in the US and they take pride in producing quality products for squash, racquetball, badminton and tennis racquets right here in the states. During a visit to the Holabird Sports showroom, Steve gave us some very detailed packets showcasing the benefits of stringing with Ashaway.

"We are the string specialists," Steve said. "We don't just buy stuff and put our name on it." And starting with their tennis string, Ashaway uses the incredibly reliable Zyex® material that provides the power and comfort of natural gut at less than half the cost. You'll find the Zyex® material in Crossfire®, MonoGut® ZX and Dynamite®. It also holds its tension longer for longer playability and has excellent abrasion resistance. Steve referred to it as the "closest in dynamics to natural gut."

Tennis players would also be interested to know that Ashaway uses Kevlar® in their Kevlar® +Plus and Kevlar® strings for maximum durability in hybrid string combinations. Steve described it as being very light and very strong and an excellent choice for chronic string breakers and baseline players. The Kevlar® is braided to increase the string life and deliver balanced power and control.

Ashaway's ZyMax® badminton string features ZyWeave™ technology that prevents tension loss and provides excellent control. In the racquetball field, PowerKill®, UltraKill® and SuperKill® strings give players a range of benefits from superior power and tension maintenance to soft feel and extra durability. And for squash players, PowerNick®, UltraNick® and SuperNick® XL strings offer crisp performance, maximum power or a soft feel.

To make it easier on their customers to distinguish between the sports, Ashaway has redesigned their string packages with specific colors that coincide with each sport. Your tennis string will come in a blue package, badminton in orange, racquetball in green and squash in yellow.

Check out all of the Ashaway string options!