The Strength, Power & Intelligence of Cortana
You could say that Halo changed the world of video games. It definitely changed Microsoft's world. The success of Halo, the very first multi-player console first-person shooter game, allowed Microsoft to build a video game empire. In fact, the entire Halo series has earned $3.5 billion. Cortana was the fictional artificial intelligence (AI) character in Halo. Cortana is the one that provides you (the player) with the information you need to survive. So is it really any surprise that Microsoft has named their digital assistant (their version of Apple's Siri) Cortana?

In the running world, there is another Cortana: the Saucony Cortana… the perfect shoe for every runner. It's luxurious and lightweight, offers stability, and is ideal as an everyday trainer. Designed as a hybrid, the Cortana is unique. It has a lower offset, is lightweight yet plush -- perfect for runners looking to transition from a traditional shoe to a lower profile. The cushioning and support are great for runners who want to run more miles with more protection, yet keep that low feel.

Halo's Cortana (and, one can assume Microsoft's digital assistant version) are sources of strength and power, perfect descriptors for a running shoe, since running, as one of the best exercises around, provides its participants with those very things.

The Saucony Cortana 3 is the latest in the series. Again, incredible cushioning and ample support in such a lightweight shoe lets you run with confidence… the confidence Cortana might inspire as she loads up Halo players with necessary information. Think of the running shoe as reality's version of an intelligent force guiding you on your way to victory.