ASICS 33-M Running Shoe Overview: Asics Puts a Spin on Maximalism
"Maximalism" is a trend that has made a serious impact on the running shoe market. Designed to provide a highly cushioned ride upon a lower heel-to-toe offset, maximal shoes combine the worlds of plush comfort and natural running.

The Asics 33-M is Asics's first venture into the world of maximalism. But there’s a twist to this shoe that may surprise many loyalists to the brand.

There's no gel in this shoe.

To give the shoe a pillow-like feel, Asics has included it's brand new, proprietary foam: Amplifoam. Amplifoam is softer than any midsole compound that Asics has produced before. Since it is too soft to use as a stand-alone midsole, Asics places a top layer of Amplifoam just beneath the footbed and adds a full layer of Solyte foam underneath to provide a more structured base.

The heel-to-toe drop is 4mm, resulting in an incredibly soft shoe that offers formidable responsiveness during toe off.

The 33-M is a great fit for any runner or walker looking for a more natural ride, but wants the extra cushioning to soften impact. Though it is built as a neutral shoe, it has a wide enough base to naturally provide some stability.

For those who are curious about how the 33-M stacks up to popular maximalist brands like Hoka One One: We're glad you are doing your research.

Hoka One One is famous for their oversized and ultrasized midsoles, some of which more than double the volume of a traditional running shoe midsole. Though, comparatively, the midsole height is noticeably smaller in the 33-M (24mm in the heel, 20mm in the forefoot), the Amplifoam technology provides the same pillowy feel.

Runners can treat the 33-M as an everyday trainer. It's well suited for marathons and ultra marathons—for those brave enough to go the distance.

Learn more about the new ASICS 33-M in this video:

[youtube id="jcveUp6q974" width="620" height="360"]

Check out the Asics 33-M for men and the ASICS 33-M for women.

ASICS 33-M Specifications

Category: Maximal, Max Cushioning
Men's Weight (size 9): 11.1 ounces
Women's Weight (size 7): 8.9 ounces
Heel-Toe Drop: 4 mm
Recommended for: Neutral runners and some overpronators looking for a natural, yet highly-cushioned ride