Wireless sport headphones have come a long way in recent years, and the Jabra Sport family of headphones are the perfect example of just how good they have gotten. The Jabra Sport family includes the Jabra Sport Rox, Jabra Sport+ and the Jabra Sport Pulse.

All three have a rich, full Dolby Digital sound, with noise-isolation design to block out ambient sounds. The bass is especially good, it's very full, while the overall sound is crisp and loud. In fact, each of these Bluetooth earbuds sound better than most wired pairs. The microphone is also fantastic, allowing you to take phone calls with no issues, ensuring that you are heard, no matter what is going on around you. Each of them also use simple pairing: You simply touch your headphones with a NFC-enabled smart device to pair them.

It can be hard to find a good earbud fit. Luckily, all of the Jabra Sport headphones come with a bunch of earbuds and gel earwings in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the right earbuds and gel earwings to make sure they are not only comfortable, but secure.

But the thing that makes Jabra Sport earbuds perfect for runners is the fact that they are protected against dust, water and sweat. Whether you are on the trail or in the gym, you can run without worry. Along with the myriad of benefits all Jabra Sport headphones have in common, they each have something special as well:

Jabra Sport Rox

The metal cover on the back makes the Rox superemely durable. The front is a hard plastic, durable yet comfortable. The cable connecting the two earbuds is reinforced with Kevlar. Controlling your music is easy with the ControlTalk system (found on the cable), it's here you will find your power button, phone and music controls, voice activation and pairing. The micro-USB charging port is on the earbuds. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for about five to six hours. However, the Jabra Rox have unique power magnets to help you conserve your battery power (standby power lasts 5-8 days). Just clipping the earbuds together puts them into hibernation mode, then, you simply have to pull them apart to "wake" them back up. The earbuds automatically reconnect you right back to where you were, whether in the middle of a song, podcast or something else. These magnets serve another purpose: When you want to take a break you can simply put them around your neck and clip them together, effectively storing them while saving battery power.

Jabra Sport+

Jabra's Sport+ Headphones are for people who have issues with earbuds falling out. These lock into place, allowing you to complete extreme athletic activities without worrying about your earbuds. Along with the many benefits of the other Jabra headphones, these are also wireless, weather and shock proof. Extremely durable they are recommended by 5-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander. They also come with a built-in FM radio.

Jabra Sport Pulse

The Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones track your heart rate through your headphones, via your inner ear. These are a great alternative to GPS/HRM watches and other trackers. Like the other Jabra Sport headphones they are dust proof, weather proof and sweat proof. Comfortable, with a variety of earbuds and wings, and durable. Again, like the other Jabra Sport headphones, the Pulse have a fully immersive sound.