The Baltimore Orioles are getting ready to face the Kansas City Royals in the upcoming American League Championship Series. All of us here in Baltimore are hoping for another quick sweep because we like our guys, but also because a seven-game series could add another layer of difficulty to the 2014 Baltimore Marathon.

If the series does go to seven games then the last ALCS game will be held on October 18, 2014 at Camden Yards in downtown Baltimore… the same day as the Baltimore Running Festival, which starts and ends right next to the stadium.

There are 27,000 people expected to participate in the Baltimore Running Festival. A marathon takes a lot of people to, excuse the pun, run. Teams of workers and volunteers work all-day long to pull off such a big event, including the hours of clean-up after it's over. Camden Yards has a capacity of 45,971 people (and you can be sure that game will sell out). That's a total of 72,971 people. That's a lot of people trying to park – and fit – around Camden Yards, especially with the race itself ending in a parking lot between the Orioles' Camden Yards and the Ravens' M&T Bank Stadiums.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, "Race organizers say they're aware of the potential problem and are working on contingency plans. They hope to have those plans finalized late Wednesday or early Thursday." If you are planning on running the Baltimore marathon, don’t worry, the race will not be canceled. However, you should keep checking the Baltimore Marathon website to make sure you are aware of any changes (especially to the race starting line and finish line).

If nothing else, it will be a great day for sports (albeit a crowded one) in Baltimore City!

(On a side note: If you will be in Baltimore for the race or games held between October 10 and October 19, then try to take advantage of the 6th Annual Baltimore Beer Week. There are tons of great events around the city and an amazing selection of locally made beers to try.)

Meanwhile, check out our selection of Orioles Championship Gear! Go O's!

UPDATE: The Baltimore Running Festival races will now start an hour earlier. Please see the Baltimore Running Festival website for information.