Bears & Worms Better Watch Out
Maria Sharapova is probably busy preparing for the U.S. Open. After all, she's ranked #3 in the world in women's tennis. She’s a powerhouse on the tennis court and… in the world of high-end candy.

Like many pro athletes, Sharapova started her own side business. However, instead of doing perfume or clothing, she focused on candy. It might seem unexpected, a star athlete not pushing a sports drink or a natural beauty like Sharapova not pushing something like perfume. And, Sharapova might expand her Sugarpova candy line into cosmetics or clothing someday but for now, she's focusing on her sweet tooth.

Sharapova invested $500,000 of her own money into her Sugarpova candy company. (According to Forbes she makes around $28 million a year.) There are 15 varieties including Sugarpova gummies in fun shapes like lips and shoes-- no boring bears and gummies here -- and pink and yellow tennis-themed Sugarpova gumballs (complete with seams). They are all brightly colored with fun names like "Sporty," "Chic" and "Flirty."

Sugarpova is more upmarket. It's sold at high-end department stores and special retail stores. You won’t find it at 7-11. However, you will find it right here: Sugarpova Candy.