Best iPhone 6 Running Accessories
At this point, I can't even imagine running without my iPhone. In addition to listening to music and having my phone with me in case of emergencies, there are now so many great running apps, GPS apps, and fitness tracking apps that my phone is a mini-diary of everything I do and every place I run.

Here are some of the best of the best carriers, packs and armbands that fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This is in no way a comprehensive list of all of the iPhone 6 running accessories. These are just the ones that I like the best, no matter which smart phone you have inside.


There are many benefits to the waist pack: They are simply easier to get into while you are running, yet you get to keep your hands completely free.


I've given the FlipBelt to many runners as gifts. Like me, they love the simplicity of it. You simply slip it around your waist, slip whatever you need in the pockets, and flip it over. At first glance you might not think it will be secure, but it is. With no buckles or anything else, it's lightweight with zero chafing or irritation. It's comfortable and it stays in place (Tip: I pull it down a bit more toward my hips, that helps it stay perfectly for me). In fact, while the FlipBelt is made for runners, I've worn mine while traveling through sketchy areas when I had to have my passport, money, phone and key with me but not visible. The sleekness, no-bounce and comfort level made it perfect. The FlipBelt is available in a wide variety of colors: aqua, black, gray, green, yellow, blue, purple, punch.

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Nathan Gel Pak

Nathan has mastered the waist pack (or as they call it "pak"). They have a variety of waist options but my favorite has to be the Gel Pak. (By the way, I am not alone in this: The Nathan Gel Pak is one of their perennial bestsellers.) It's lightweight and breathable -- it does have a buckle but that doesn't add much in terms of weight. I like the internal pocket for keeping my super valuable items and I like the key clip, I am one of those people who worry about pulling something out and having my key slip out with it to be lost forever. However -- and this may sound a bit ridiculous but -- I really love the external trash pocket! It's made out of mesh and lets you easily keep your trash (gel wrappers whatever) separate from your other things. It's adjustable so one size fits all. And, good news, it fits the iPhone 6! It is larger than some of the other Nathan Paks and it only comes in black.

Best Waist Pack for Short Runs or Races

Nathan 5k Runner's Pak

The 5K Belt is named because of its perfection during 5k runs. It wins my Goldilocks award: slightly smaller than the Gel Pak but larger than the Phantom Pak. It has two zippered pouches: The larger main pouch easily carries your iPhone 6 while the smaller front one can safely fit your keys and ID. The 5k Runner's Pak really does stay in place, so it won't distract you during race time. The bounce-free technology actually works and the dual-adjust system helps it stay exactly where it should. Plus, the reflective detail helps you to be seen in low light (unless, of course, you wear it under your shirt like I do). Oh, and it's made of neoprene. The 5k Belt comes in multiple colors: black, fuchsia, yellow and blue. (However, if you are looking for a great marathon race pack, you may want to try the Nathan Lightspeed Pak.)

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This is my favorite category! Eight times out of ten, I reach for my armband when I'm going on a run. For me, these are less obtrusive than the waist packs and simply more convenient.

Tune Belt AB86

If you have a variety of smart phones the Tune Belt ABA6 is a good bet. It holds the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Epic 4G Touch, the Droid Razr, HTC Rezound and LG Revolution. Here are my favorite things about the Tune Belt: it's comfortable and light, you can put your phone in right side up or upside down – which makes it easier to read the screen on the run. Most importantly, it has a protective window cover that is actually easy to navigate your phone through (you don't have to push and push to make something happen). It has storage for your earphone cord and it's hand-washable.

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Exciting Sneak Peak…

Nathan SonicMount Armband

This is brand new and in full disclosure, I haven't tried it. I'm only mentioning it in this post because the previews are so stellar. The Nathan SonicMount Armband is universal and fits almost any smartphone and case! Plus, it has a quick removal system so you can easily take it out to use in your hand. Those two things alone make this an exciting development in the world of armbands and I can't wait to try it. I've heard that it's comfortable and that the phone stays in place (even if you have a smaller size phone).

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If you prefer to have your fluids with your phone and the rest of your items, you should consider a handheld device. While I don't usually use a handheld, I have very recently tried a ton of them and these two new ones are fast becoming my favorites in this category.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus

The SpeedDraw Plus has a smaller bottle (18 oz) that's still plenty big for short to medium runs. The smaller size is actually preferable to many people. It's an easy squeeze bottle and it's ergonomical. Like the QuickDraw Plus, it has an adjustable hand strap with thumbhole for running without gripping. The special race cap makes getting a quick sip fast and easy. The front pocket is big and it's expandable, to fit your phone, ID, keys, money and any other (small) item you mght want to have with you.

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 February 2015 Update:

Nathan SonicBoom iPhone 6

Two new armbands have recently hit the market! The new Nathan SonicBoom iPhone 6 armband is super comfortable. It's made out of a moisture-wicking material so sweat moves away from your body instead of collecting between the band and your arm. The fit is adjustable and it won't chafe, no matter how much you move. The touchscreen is large for easy control and access, allowing you to take advantage of the size of your iPhone 6.

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Nathan SuperSonic 3

Also from Nathan, we have the SuperSonic 3. This carrier fits the iPhone 6, Galaxy S3 and S4. It's also made for bumpers! Nathan streamlined the design with the SuperSonic 2 and the 3 is just as comfortable. The phone pocket is secure and water-resistant. It has a cord management system to keep your wires tucked out of your way.

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July 2015 Update:

Fitletic Forte Armband

Fitletic recently released two new armbands that fit larger smartphones. The Fitletic Forte Armband offers a large True Touch window that responds easily to your touch. Thanks to the memory foam, the Forte is super comfortable and actually contours to your arm. It has an inner pocket so you can safely hold your ID or credit card. It fits the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 and other large smartphones. One of the most comfortable armbands I have ever tried.

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Fitletic Surge Armband

The Fitletic Surge Armband also has a True Touch window. It doesn't have the same contouring as the Forte but it's lightweight and breathable. Carry your keys on the exterior key clip and ID in the exterior pocket. The features that make this armband stand out are the dual ear bud port on both the top and bottom. The front and back have waterproof panels for keeping your smartphone safe while running in the rain. The Surge fits the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S4 and other phones that size.

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Fitletic Hydration Belt 16 oz.

If you prefer a belt, the Fitletic Hydration Belt has two quick draw bottle holders, two exterior energy gel loops, an interior pocket for ID, cash and key and a race bib toggle. This belt has special silicone grippers that work to remove bounce, which, in my opinion, is one of the most important things in a belt.

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